High School Football NCHSAA Championships Final Scores

from Friday night 4-A Final:
New Bern 39
Porter Ridge 38

from today 4-AA Final:
Butler 56
Jack Britt 28

from today 1-A
Plymouth 20
Murphy 15

from today 2-A late 4th Quarter:
East Lincoln 24
Tarboro 20


  1. Please disregard my first comment. I see that it hasn’t started yet. **thinking** I might have time to make that game.

  2. Hood is a freaking BEAST!!!! they want even get in front of him… lol
    Logan 46 yd td run
    NG 7
    CC 0

  3. Classless you are exactly right. This is why everyone hates Northern. Fake punt up by 31 uncalled for.

  4. If you watched the game on tv… after Logan scored his seventh td… Coach Roscoe congratulates him and asked him ” u want 8?”

  5. You guys would’ve done the same thing if you had a kid that was that close to the record books.

  6. The fake punt, what else would you expect from the the Nighthawk Nation
    and Roscoe. Principal Lane should be proud of that kind of sportsmanship.

  7. It’s johnny roscoe, one of the least respected coaches is North Carolina. What do you expect?

  8. Anthony, that is where you are wrong. No one else would have done this. No one. The game is not bigger than 1 person. Congrats to Northern and TJ. Don’t blame TJ for this. Great performance by TJ and his teammates. Everyone around here knows Roscoe. While the fake punt is disappointing, can’t say it surprises anyone that knows him.

  9. Show some are you watching the Nebraska Wisconsin game? There’s another coach that would do it I suppose. Teams don’t just quit. Simple as that.

  10. Hey guys lets face it no one respects NG but NG.
    You do things like the punt because of your ego and lack of class period.

  11. Logan is without a doubt the best. Class is letting the best running back in this state break the final record. He already had the yardage….. why not let him have the TD’s….. Norther is without a doubt the best in the state… Hood never had a chance.

  12. I couldn’t believe what I was watching on TV. What a classless act. There is no excuse for that. No place for that in athletics at any level. I kept hearing how classless the coaching staff was. Now I got to see for myself. Just pathetic. I am sure now that he won’t have the athletes he is going to quit/retire. He needs a good butt whoopin. Ridiculous. Can I say anything else. How can anyone condone such behavior.

  13. Cograts to Northern. And for all the one’s that can’t stand the Nighthawks, with or without Roscoe…. Look out next year… Bunch of talent coming back.

  14. Andy you always sing Roscoe’s praises. Well what tune are you singing now. What a classless act. This coach does not care about anything but himself. If I were a Northern Guilford Nighthawk I would be embarrassed by the actions of this supposed great Coach. There a ladies that know nothing about football that could take that team to a state championship. He has accomplished many things through the game of football, but tonight he shows his lack of respect to the game and to his opponents. If he is done, atleast he showed his true colors on the way out the door.

  15. That’s those rich classless group that don’t c antthing wrong on how that program was built as long as it has been winning with every other school’s players. Njoy 4 now and just might mirror that fiasco that that state champioship basketball had.”The chickens are gonna cum home 2 roost”! T.J is truly a gifted athlete,much success as u further your career at the next level . . .a real good kid off the field as well; he just happened 2 fall in that district,not his fault.

  16. 81player Don’t hold your breath on next year I think NG has run out of recruits.
    I hear they don’t have any rent houses left. Lol.

  17. It’s so easy to hate a winner…. Players from other schools My butt… The man got his team ready to kick some A.. And the best man won….. And the kids that love to play for him……

  18. No Class…. They don’t neeed any rental houses…. And dang sure don’t need any recruits.. THEY ARE PLAYERS…..

  19. I am so fired up. I watched and pulled for NG. I was excited to see a Guilford County team win a championship. But that fake punt left a bad taste. What does that teach kids? Win and lose the right way. That man should not be allowed to lead kids. He is a disgrace to the coaching profession. A great accomplishment for those kids. But if I am part of that administration I would be embarassed and angry at the actions of my coach. Curious if the principle even cares.

  20. I thought that i was the only one that thought like that . . . . .they want make the playoffs next year . . . . unless tj comes back. Y u think a certain coached resigned a few weeks ago? IT aint rocket science,1+1 =2,2+2=4 . . . .

  21. I know a former assistant who worked at NG who would laugh about all the kids out of district… not to beat a dead horse, but dont act like its not happening! and Butler is the best team in the state, NG wouldnt even beat Havelovk bud!!

  22. All time leading rusher and touchdowns….. way to go TJ… Like all year…. you the man.. and Nighthawks… your the best in the state…..

  23. I am more of a hoops fan. I probably follow GDS closer than any other area team. Freddie Johnson has won more games than any coach in the history of NC. Do you think you would see him do that? Name me 5 coaches. Heck, name me any coach that would do what he did tonight. If I was a parent, I would explain to my kid who played on the team why his coach is a jack#ss. I wonder what the coaches for Charlotte Catholic thought about that?

  24. Unreal the lack of class showed at the end of this game. No doubt Northern is a great team with a great defense and probably the best player in the state with TJ Logan. Nobody is disputing these facts. But anybody that knows anything about athletics and how to play the game of football realizes what a classless act the fake punt was. I would be embarrased to be associated with that program in any way. Winning is great and we all want to win. But there is a right way to do things. Anybody that gets on here and defends Northern and Roscoe is clueless as well. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m in the same profession with someone as classless as this.

  25. Roscoe let a young man that is the best running back in the state go out with a memory… and that is what all these young men leave with. I know. TJ is the best in the state and all year he has heard he may not be. Tonight he proved it and why not let the best go out with a memory that years to come, only he and a few others will remember.

  26. @81

    I think his performance to that point was memorable. He had set or tied almost any record possible. Now people will remember two things. The great performance by TJ and the lack of class and compassion by a coach. If coach tells TJ to go in and run a play then he does it. I think people that were there or watching are going to remember the best example of poor sportsmanship and no class that they will ever get. Without the fake punt the only thing we would be talking about on here is TJ Logan and the Northern Guilford football team.

  27. And my final comment is this… No matter what… Talent got that young man his 8th and much deserved touchdouwn…..

  28. Does it matter? The state aint gonna do anything about Northern! Where does their best Safety live? What about the kid that didn’t start till week 5 or 6? What about one of their best RB’s? Go ahead and drive around Brown Summit these kids don’t live here.

  29. Again I repeat, anyone defending Roscoe and Northern is clueless. 81 you classify as clueless. I’m glad people all over the state got to see firsthand what everyone in Guilford County already knew. Andy, love to see how you defend Northern and Roscoe on this one? I know you will try!

  30. 3 State titles… Way to go Northern…. All the hard work in the summer and fall paid off… You kids have something to be proud of….

  31. If he did it to run up the score then I would agree it isn’t cool but I think it is great he let the Senior go out there and give it a shot. If they don’t like him running down the field for a Touchdown then stop him damn it.

  32. Afan you got it right… Stop him… Noone did all year. It is one for the record books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 81 Player: Your direct quote “Players from other schools My butt…” Does anyone remember Keenan Allen? Does anyone know how he was able to enroll at Northern????????? Because Western Guilford didn’t have a dance class that he could take. hahaha. 81 Player you are blind as a bat if you don’t think they get players from other schools.

  34. Too many jealous people out there….TJ is the best player in the state…Nobody has the speed this kid has and the Nighthawks were going for the record….

    What’s wrong with TJ breaking the record?

    If you have a chance don’t you go for it?

    Proud of TJ Logan and the Nighthawks TJ broke TA McClendon’s record tonight….

    That’s something all of Guilford County can be proud of, because I don’t think TJ minds sharing it with us….

    TJ’s last game as a Nighthawk and probably Coach Roscoe’s last game too…..

    Time to stop being jealous and time to show some respect to a good group of kids and we need to be proud of their accomplishments….

    It is Sunday and time to celebrate the Victory and the kids from Northern that I have seen are good kids and very thankful for what they have been able to do over the past three years….

    Coach Roscoe and his wife have given this team their heart and soul and the run will probably end after night and will some of you be happy when their winning streak finally comes to end, I hope not, these are good kids from good families….

    Give it up for the Nighthawks, we celebrated with Page last year and celebrated with NG over the past two years and we celebrate with them tonight and I just want to see TJ/TD Logan come out and average 30 points a game in basketball, would love to see something like that too….

    TJ had a chance at the record and his coach gave him that chance to break it and he did and good job TJ….

    What about back when McClendon set the record with 7 TD’s…These records are made to be broken and more power to TJ…

    I probably won’t like it when he goes to UNC and runs all over N.C. State, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be proud of him….

    TJ is one of us and he is from Guilford County and let’s give him his due…He’s the best and the numbers he put up tonight, he did that in a Championship Game….

    Great job TJ and great job Nighthawks, I think you made Guilford County proud and we have all these experts out there that think they know everyting, get out there and go for it on Sunday, great things go to those who have the drive and the willpower and TJ has plenty of both of those…..

    I can’t wait to get to basketball court today so I can do some work on my game and try and get better…

    Have to get to weight room prior to next year’s Thanksgiving Day football to get better and to survive….

    Can’t get it it done talking, must get it done working…..

    Proud to be a part of TJ’s season and his records…..

  35. Everyone is using the word classless for Roscoe, I have a better word. He is a snake. I have never seen such a conceited egotistical a..hole as Roscoe. That was the poorest display of sportsmanship that I have seen in a long time. Not shocking really, simply par for the course for the idiot. I am sure he knows he is the most hated coach in the state.

  36. @ Andy. Nice job with you defending NG AGAIN. I don’t think there is a lot of jealousy floating around, I would say more of a hatred, or complete lack of respect for the dumb “you know what” Roscoe.

  37. Very CLASSLESS MOVE ROSCOE !!! Of all the GREAT Page & Dudley teams of the past that won Championships, they wouldn’t have pulled that dumb crap like that fake punt with a 31 pt lead with 2:00 mins left at their own freakin side of the field. SICKING !!!

  38. @disgusted 81 Player: Your direct quote “Players from other schools My butt…” Does anyone remember Keenan Allen? Does anyone know how he was able to enroll at Northern????????? Because Western Guilford didn’t have a dance class that he could take. hahaha. 81 Player you are blind as a bat if you don’t think they get players from other schools.

    Actually it wasn’t Keenan Allen who was supposed to go to Western Guilford and take a dance class, that was another player. Keenan went to grimsley and moved into Northern Guilford district after his brother left. But nice try, get your facts right before you try dissing a program and team that has worked hard to get to where they are today.

    if all of you have a problem with roscoe “running up” the score then the simple fix is to stop TJ Logan….

  39. not jealous andy, but now I’m disappointed in you defending Northern. Don’t be surprised is a bunch of football coaches next year aren’t excited about talking to you. If I were a coach I’d tell you next year to just go cover Northern. I thought you’d understand that Roscoe and Northern again depict Guilford county in a poor way to the rest of the state. Don’t worry about replying Andy, I’ll NEVER go on your website again, or go to your sponsors again. Oh and as a hint, ask Northern how they have a kid living in Burlington, driving to Northern everyday and no one does anything about it. He is one of the freshman on varsity I’d LOVE to hear their answer on that.

  40. Wow, just……..wow with some of these comments. Let me start off by saying, I know very little about Northern and their program and even less about CC. However, what the coaches do to garner wins is strictly the coaches and it shouldn’t reflect on the players. The most positive thing I see here is that no one is placing blame on the student athletes. Of course, most of you that are regulars here know my commitment is (and forever will be) to Page incidentally, the LAST school to beat them and my son was a part of that! Now, if the parents of these students move their children out of district in efforts of making a dynasty again, that’s not the fault of the student. Everyone knows that the Charlotte school system has been doing that since Independence was winning back to back to back to….well, you get the picture. Butler is now doing the same thing. Yes, it’s not right but voicing your opinion(s) on a message board comes off as sour grapes. If you want results to the allegations, take it up with the school board to open an investigation or leave it alone. It’s just that simple! Congratulations to the Northern High School football PLAYERS! I wish you guys nothing but success on next year for the returning players and success on the next level for the seniors.

    Debo’s Mom!

  41. Hey Guys Let it Go.
    NG has cheated their way to every championship they have ever won.
    GCS or the NCHSAA is not going to do anything about it. Remember they did a
    “Thorough” investigation of the football program and found “Nothing”
    Trust me they are well aware of who lives where,but at the point it would be too
    Embarrassing to do anything about it now.. Don’t blame the kids. Blame GCS,
    NCHSAA ,Parents , Coaches and NG Administration for the cheating.

  42. Andy maybe you are as big of a jerk as Roscoe. If you seriously think running up the score by faking a punt up 31 pts is ok then you clearly know nothinng about sports either. What disrespect to try and embarass the opposing team. Shows how dumb you are. Classless move by Roscoe. Now on television everyone in the state saw how big of a jerk Roscoe is.

    Im not taking anything away from the kids. Congrats on winning state championships but their coach is an embarassment to the profession of coaching.

    As far as some cheating going on, straight from an assistant coach mouth at NG, Roscoe has made comment, i dont care if i get caught for cheating im going to do whatever it takes to win. Also its a known fact he has sent coaches to other schoos players houses to try and convince them to come to NG, sounds like recruting to me. Also its a little fishy #5 for NG doesnt get eligable until middle of season. How does that happen. There is definalty something fishy going on at NG and Roscoe is the snake behind it all. It will all come out one day and just like basketball championship this will be taken away. That is if the conty and state have enough guts to mess with the people that have the money at NG.

    Guilfod County Administraton should be embarassed for letting what goes on at NG go on, but like i said its hard to upset the people with money. Guilfod County Administation are just as big of jerks as Roscoe.

    Congrats to the players for a great year and for TJ being a great football player. Also tha defense was the best ive ever seen

  43. Congratulations NG!!! No one is faulting the kids here. They have worked hard and deserve the title. Jealousy Andy??? Extremely disappointed in you when you are the first person to talk about keeping it classy on here for the kids. If you think running up the score is classy then you are no better to lecture the likes of people who get on here to run their mouths. If he wanted TJ to break the record then go for it with his offensive players in the game and not on a damn fake punt. COWARDLY…Not only that, Johnny Ball Coach should have had the balls to admit he was going for the record instead of lying to the reporter. By lying leads me to believe he knew he was wrong.

    Now for everyone else. Johnny Ball Coach aint gonna care what you say. He will be leaving after this season anyways. This is the word in the greensboro community and LOOK OUT next coach which I imagine will be the d-coordinator who will be taking over, because NG will get theirs.

    There are a lot of sour grapes Andy because of the sportsmanship of this program. Do you think this is the first time I’ve heard of their program doing something classless like this to an overmatched oppenent? This is the same coach who doesnt switch game film the first four games of the season with other coaches. This is the same coach who avoids emails and phone calls from opposing coaches to keep from having to switch film. You NG fans are clueless to the crap your coaches pull.

  44. Thanks for proving my point Andy. I knew you would defend Roscoe and his decision. This really proves how clueless you are. I know you enjoy athletics but you have no idea when it comes to running a program the right way. I’m really disappointed that you found a way to defend this classless act. Records are made to be broken if done so the right way. The last thing Roscoe or you should care about is who holds the record for TD. Logan is great and their team is great, no denying. Being in the coaching profession and reading your comments Andy really let’s me know your wealth of knowledge when it comes to athletics. Keep defending Roscoe and your will lose the support of a lot of good coaches.

  45. Last I checked the fake punt is a legal offensive play. If it was punted and they fumbled and Logan picked it up and ran it in for a touchdown would you guys be happier? Geesh give it up. The fact is they played a game and played it hard to the end. The Wisconsin v Nebraska game was played the same way last night. If you don’t like the game played to the end then go play a sport where you just say oh I’m going to stop playing now. IS there one? NO. So quit whining about it and be happy for the team and for TJ being able to break the records. GEESH

  46. I have never said a negative word about NG, but what I saw on TV was a classless move by the NG Coaching staff. If you wanted Logan to have the record, then get it to him the right way. That was pure garbage. These aren’t professionals. These are kids.

  47. I have one question for Andy and others on this board.

    How many coaches that you know would have faked a punt up 30+ points in the last two minutes of the game?

    If you can name a coach that would do that, then that coach should be fired!!

  48. One of the most classless moves I have ever seen in High School football. Little disappointed with you as well, Andy. I may have to revaluate what you really stand for and decide If this is a site I want to visit and contribute to (and the other 100 people or so I have brought to this site). Congrats to the kids that did it the “right way” but not to that coach that is a classless snake!

    A Very Disappointed Vegas Mike

  49. Spoken like the true Charlotte area a@@ kisser you are! Good bye!

  50. Why you guys hating on Andy?
    He just voiced his opinion and allows us a chance voice ours.
    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    We who post on this site don’t have to be polite to low class,bum coaches like Andy does.(for future interviews maybe???…)

  51. Hey Northern don’t get mad when all the recruited talent is gone and teams start running the scores up on yall!

  52. Hey Andy!

    First and foremost regardless of the ugliness communicated on this stream you have my deepest respect and gratitude for covering Greensboro sports!!

    I have proudly displayed my full name as I am a little put off by the hate, oh excuse me, opinions of those hiding behind the anonymity of the keyboard. I am the mom of a Senior Nighthawk football player and have seen firsthand the discipline and commitment it takes to be a three time state champion! The Nighthawk players are a band of brothers, Nighthawk Nation a proud family. When you speak ill of one family member you speak ill of us all. So you will excuse me if I question the genuineness of those who congratulate the players while concurrently disparage their leader.

    Words can not aptly describe the pride of and joy received from watching these young men and their coaches. I respect the right to opinions and here is mine… On Saturday night I witnessed greatness! In so many forms. An extremely deserving young man had the opportunity to break state records during the pinnacle of his high school football career, it would have been a crime (IMHO) to stop him from this opportunity to save the “feelings” of the competitor. It was football right? More importantly, it was competition on a state level. Coach Roscoe made a decision that I proudly support.

    Thank you Coach Rosco! Thank you Nighthawk Band of Brothers! Thank you understated (but oh so fantastic) Nighthawk D-Line!!Congratulations TJ Logan, and thank you for allowing me to witness greatness!! Hail Northern Nighthawks!!

    At the end of the day, what will be remembered about the Nighthawk Dynasty is their greatness – it’s on the books….

  53. Just reading all the comments about northern. Johnny Roscoe does know how to prepare a football team. He just dosen’t know how to coach a game. He has been running the score up week after week, so why are we supprised. Look at the box scores week after week TD’s late in the game with starters with big leads. I blame the principal and AD for letting this happen over the last 5 years. So just say it you would rather be great at all cost than look good doing it. Its all about the trophy and ring with no consideration of the other team and their players. Look out Guilford county while Johnny is back in SC Charlotte Schools will pound us any chance they get.

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