Never seen anything like it:T.D. Logan with 8 Touchdowns and 510 yards rushing

I don’t think anybody has ever seen anything like this before….TD Logan, new name, just seems to fit the kid that just broke nearly record in the NCHSSAA books with the 8 TD’s for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks and 510 yards rushing for NG, in their 3-AA Champsionship Game….

(see our full-set of pictures here)

Don’t know that there has ever been anything like this in our state before, let alone it being a kid from Guilford County….

The key going into the game tonight for Northern Guilford was Logan, Logan, and more Logan and that is what they got….

Northern Guilford makes it three straight Championships and we have ourselves an ‘Instant Classic’ in Guilford County, with the job that TD Logan did tonight and the game that TD/TJ had in Winston-Salem, at BB&T Field…..

TD/TJ Logan was the Most Valuable Player in the Game and Austin Coltrane was named the Oustanding Offensive Player from Northern and Austin Simmons was named the Outstanding Defensive Player for the Nighthawks….

Congratulations Northern Guilford Nighthawks on your 3rd NCHSAA State Football Title and a true legend was born tonight, in TD/TJ Logan…..Still hard to fathom, 8 TD’s, 510 yards rushing, a two-point conversion run and an interception on defense…..

(see our full-set of pictures here)

Some kind of game tonight by the Nighthawks and there will be much more coming from Ed Hardin and Jeff Mills in Sunday’s News and Record….And again, to TD Logan, Austin Coltrane, Austin Simmons, Ryan Johnston, Burnard Sindab, Chris Ripberger, Malik Prileau, Andrew Keen, Max Klietsch, Alex Hassler, Nick Jones, Cam Harris, Jamon Reynolds, Rory Bergen, Tre Purcell, Malik Parker, TJ Ruff, Matt McGarry, Chris Forlano, Coach Roscoe and all of the Nighthawks, a job well done….

If we left anybody out we will get you in here tomorrow….

And as for TD Logan, we have never seen anything like this before and we hope you like the name change, at for one special night…..

(And what was that final score again, 64-26 Northern?)…….


  1. Andy,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful coverage of our Nighthawk Football Team! It was a great season! And next year, I will look forward to the radio reporting 🙂

  2. Reading the NC preps comments, Roscoe is taking a beating for the fake punt with a minute. Then he got caught in a lie where the reporter asked him why he did it them Logan contradicted what coach said. Typical Johnny Roscoe garbage. I commend the reporter for having enough guts to ask him the question. Why is he the first media person with the stones to call him out. Remember a couple years ago when he threw a td pass on NE with 12 seconds left up 30, then onside kicked and said he didn’t want to kick to the NE player because he was afraid of the run back. All the media people here just kiss his but and tell us how great of a coach he is, even though he still gets turned in for having players lie about their addresses. He has a player that ran for half a 1000 in a state championship game= great coaching! Take your rings and go back to SC. Hopefully the next coach has integrity

  3. Speechless!!!!!!Congrats Nighthawks T.J. Logan put on the best performance to me in a championship game I’ve seen since my long time friend Ricky Lewis J.r. did in 2007 to beat Charlotte Catholic. And forget what NC prep??? says I guess y’all just mad cause they winning championships and they can’t be stop right now I see it wasn’t a problem when all those Charlotte teams where winning every year and the games weren’t even close and now a school from Greensboro is kicking everybody’s tale and beating a team in Charlotte Cathloic that recruits its players and has no school district so all the great players go to one school and people wanna complain about Northern kicking there butt, crazy!!! Good jog Coach Roscoe and the Northern team, congrats on three straight keep it up.

  4. NCPreps: While you might have a point about running up the score in past games, I wouldn’t say the same about last night. TJ had already broken the yardage record for a championship game and with the fake punt he broke the TD record also. If one of my players had a chance to set, no, to SMASH a record, I would do what I could to help him set the bar so high it would stand for decades. Also, they’re playing a school that recruits players for football and isn’t restricted to a set district to get their talent. CCatholic and schools like that shouldn’t even be allowed in the public school tournaments IMO and should be restricted to playing against other private schools. Like someone else said: It didn’t seem to be a problem to CC people when they were dominating the playoff a few years ago.

  5. Just a further comment about running up the score. No one seems to remember Roscoe having Northern take a knee on the PAT against Asheboro to keep the score below 70 points. No one mentioned the numerous times the 1st string sat down and second string took over in the 3rd quarter of games. No one seems to remember the 3rd string getting to play several times. This was the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. You play as hard as you can for all 4 quarters.

    One reason to run the score up during regular season is rankings. We weren’t even seeded #1 in our quarterfinal division, much less 1st in the tournament. I can’t imagine where they would have seeded us if we’d played close games all season.

  6. All great points James. I would have done the same thing for a kid that has a shot at breaking records. In spite of the possible pissing on from all these people here Roscoe let the kid break the record. It is about the kids. For anyone that thinks this was running up the score you don’t have a clue as you accused others of in another thread.

  7. It’s a CHAMPIONSHIP game. You don’t want the score run up stop them. I seem to remember some Charlotte schools drilling teams from Guilford County in the past.

  8. When did Northern do the fake punt? I did not get the game on TV last night and of course the useless N&R coverage was too busy with absurd stories about how this was “a coronation.”

    What was the score when Northern faked the punt?

  9. James, are you serious?? Are records more important than sportsmanship?? Roscoe had already pulled Logan out in this game and put the second team on only to put him back in on the fake punt. With 5 minutes left and a 30 point lead Roscoe called a long pass while most class coaches would have handed it up the middle an ran the clock out. The Catholic fans (and I am sure some of the Northern fans) gasped at that call as well as the fake punt. Records are not worth humiliating an opposing team. I was sitting with a few high school kids that said they have never witnessed an act of unsportspanship like the fake punt call.

  10. Are you kidding me? Northern is up by 30 points late in the game and the call a fake punt just so T.J. Logan can set a record?

    Wow. Just…wow.

    I can’t believe this wasn’t reported by the News & Fishwrap. Wait, yes I can, because they suck.

    Congrats, Northern fans. You are a three-peat state champion. Too bad your coach is a jerk.

    There is such a thing as karma.

  11. People please!!!!!!!!!! If for one minute anyone thinks Northern is the only school in the county with kids that shouldn’t have been there let me make a few facts. NE had a 4 year starter on the basketball team that didn’t even live in the county. Grimsley, Dudley, Page, Southern, need I go on… Have had special classes that students could only get by attending those and other schools. This has been going on forever. Northern is and has been beat to death with this because of it’s sucess. If anyone thinks different then they are BLIND!!!!!!!

  12. 81 Thanks for finally admitting Northern has and does continue to cheat and beat the system. The rental houses do come in handy. The student Athlete addresses change so much they’ve started using pencils to record them instead of ink.

  13. No Class your name says it allllllll. If you can read. I said THINKS. NOT DO. Im just glad there are a bunch of houses for sale and rent in the district. And I’m sure pencils want run out anytime soon….

  14. 81, methinks thou dost protest too much. Your defense/explaination seems to be, “Everybody does it.”

    Your basketball coach was as corrupt as they come. Northern’s hoops state championship was vacated.

    The rapid and unprecedented success of such a young football program certainly could raise similar suggestions.

    Perhaps this was a pre-emptive defense you gave on this blog?

    What, pray tell, are your thoughts on the fake punt? Was that also justified because “this Charlotte school” or “that other school” also did it? Is everything situational?

  15. The rental right across from the NG has had several tenants over the last 5 years. Surprisingly all Athletes. I hear Roscoes house is on the market would be a great rental property.

  16. I have one just around the corner. Taken applications as we speek.. Why wouldn’t everyone want to be a part of a such a spirited school with great supportive parents and Purple pride babeeeeee….

  17. Look at the Haters out here. Every time Northern wins, here they come. Bunch of babies that are jealous their kids are not part of a successful program. Northern’s basketball program was corrupt but I’m pretty sure everything they do now is analyzed pretty close probably more than any other GC school. Northern’s run is probably over now, though I believe they’ll still be a strong team next year, so you haters can find a new program to bash. I got an idea..let your kids play for their schools, enjoy watching and stop trying to live through them.
    Congrats Northern players and coaches!!

  18. Hey Wow, no jealousy here. I would rather my son lose with a team that has some class than win With one who cheats, lies and know nothing about teaching
    Kids about respect and morals.

  19. I would have rather seen TJ get the record breaker on something other than a fake, but a play is a play. If you’re that close to a historic record, you go for it. If the opposing team is insulted by it, stop him. No secret who was going to get the ball.

    For those complaining about northern “loading up”, how do you prevent parents from moving into a school district? No one complains when it’s for academic reasons. If you think there’s something fishy going on, contact the NCHAA:

    PO Box 3216
    Chapel Hill, NC 27515

    Main Phone Line # (919) 240-7401
    Main Fax # (919) 240-7399

    General Email Box :

  20. I don’t agree with the cheating comments about Northern. Since they had their Basketbatball title taken away a few years ago they have run a tight ship. I have known of prospective students go to their office and ask to speak to the football coach and they said the would not speak to any prospective player until they were enrolled.
    This does not change the fact that Roscoe made a terrible decision by running a fake punt to allow Logan to get the touchdown record at the sake of humiliating his opponent. Many record have been foregone in the past in the name of sportsmanship. I think it was more than a coincidence that just after the touchdown the announcer read th nchsaa standards for sportsmanship as a reminder to fans (and coach Roscoe I think). We teach kids that this is a team game but for the sake of an individual Coach Roscoe was willing to humiliate his opponent. If he would publicly apologize it would go a long way.

  21. @ Footfan

    You think it was to humiliate the opponent or get TJ the record?

    I lean toward a coach wanting it … maybe too much … for his player.

    Was the previous record of 7 unsportsmanlike when it was set?

    Not trying to pick a fight. Just provoking some thought.

  22. I don’t think it was all about the coaches wanting the record for Northern as much as it was them seeing the get the chance to have to record for TJ…

    TJ is the best player in the state and why shouldn’t the best player in the state go out with the record???

    Do you ever quit trying to be the best?

    Many times in cases like this you seek to devise a way to get a player the record….

    Why shouldn’t Northern and TJ walk away with it all…TJ just had the what could be the best game ever in NCHSAA football history….

    Why shouldn’t his name be in the record books to show what he accomplished???

    I or any of the rest of don’t know the motives of the play that was called, but can you really come on so harsh, when it appears this was about TJ walking away with the record and it was not all about Northern Guilford’s legacy….

    Northern didn’t do this to win the game, they did it to get an outstanding player a record….

    We should tip our hat or whatever to TJ Logan for his performance on Saturday night…

    Charlotte Catholic didn’t lay and let him run to end zone 8 times….Catholic didn’t have an answer for TJ Logan and no other team did either this season….

    Logan is the best in the state and that is that and I for one am proud to know TJ Logan is from Guilford County and he is one of ours….

    Proud to have him and some of you ought to maybe look at that way too….

    We have the best player in the state and one of the tops in the nation and he is from Guilford County….

    The only memory I will have of this game will TJ’s unbeleivable night and I will enjoy that and it is sort of sad that the rest of you can’t enjoy it too….

    I have had the opportunity to be a part of six HS Football Championships from Guilford County since 2007 and that was the best performance I have ever seen….

    Dudley 2007
    Dudley 2008
    Northern 2010
    Northern 2011
    Page 2011
    Northern 2012…..And not to take anything away from Ricky Lewis, James Summers, Daniel Downing or anyone else involved, but that was the best performance I have ever seen….

    If a coach has a chance to get his kid a record, after his kid has the type of game/career TJ was having, I say 99.9% of the coaches will try and find a way to get their kid that record….I may be off a bit, but not much…If you are a coach and you are honest, I think you will agree with me and if not maybe you haven’t ever been in that position and you wouldn’t know what you would do until you faced an opportunity like this….

    I don’t what I would do cause I have never been there and most likely never will be(coaching) and that is just a few thoughts on it and I will move on and we all need to probably move on….

    Seems we can never really enjoy these titles the we would like to, because there are always those that want to try and take away from what our Gulford County kids have accomplished….

    I don’t know who the next Guilford County team to get there for a title run will be, be if you have a desire you better enjoy this one, cause I don’t see us having anybody that is going to get there for the next few years….

    Looks like our runs have run dry…Hope I am wrong, but on the surface, it looks like we are in for a layoff, and if not who will be the next team be that does make it to the Championship Game?

    Any thoughts on that one….Yesterday is gone and all we have left is the record book, but being REAL serious, who will make that next run from Guilford County?????

    I am happy moving on to basketball next, but Guilford County has found their most success in HS Football in recent years and who is NEXT???

    I have said more than I need to, but like I said earlier, I was some part of the SIX State Titles in SIX years, so you have to say I have been there and done that to some degree…..

    I don’t have a real investment in any of this, I just enjoy sports and enjoy covering sports in Guilford County and especially the big three of Football, Basketball and Baseball….

    I have never even met TJ Logan or hardly any of the current Nighthawk players and they don’t know me from Adam’s Housecat….I just feel what they have done is major accomplishment and the story needs to be told….

    Most of you probably know the game much better than I really do, but I honestly don’t feel you put as much time into it as I do….Maybe one day I will catch with all of the so-called experts, but I doubt it….

    Let’s roll on into basketball and we can enjoy that for a while until the heat gets thick there too, but odds are we will be right in the middle of that also….

    We all need to go shoot a few hoops and let the football games cool down for a while….It all will be ‘all good’ soon….

    *****Last thought I will let us all chew on this and be GONE….

    What if you are the head coach and your Son has achance to break a record like the one from last night….What do you do then….You have to remember to many coaches these kids are like their sons and don’t have any children, so what do you do then??? Give you kid a chance or never attempt to see any records broken???*****

    +++++Again good job and congratulations on your 3-AA Title Northern Guilford and maybe we will see you guys going for it again in about 10-15 years…It is going to take a while and that is for sure…..+++++

  23. Andy, if every coach went by philosophy, the records would be out the roof. According to the Charlotte Observer, Elijah Hood was pulled early each game when they were way up and still had 3500 yards when he could probably break the all time career yardage record for high school if their coach had no concern for sportsmanship. Are you saying Catholic would have been justified in leaving him in an slaughtering every opponent? Roscoe even pulled Logan throughout the year at the sake of potential single season records so what he did last night was unbelievable. Last night If he wanted him to get the TD record, why pull him and have the second team go In only to slip him in on a fake punt a few plays later? Isn’t football a team game? If The Catholic coach had made a similar decision, I am confident that the comments on this board would be quite different.

  24. Lots of different ways to look at this as you are saying, but one thing that I am seeing is in all accounts that I have seen on this game and I have posted all the links, N&R, WRALSportsFan and Charlotte Observer, no one has even mentioned the fake punt for the TD….They have mentioned the records, but no mention at all of the fake punt for the TD and so I am just asking, is it really that big of deal….With the exception of here, nobody else is really talking about the Fake Punt for the TD….

    I’m just saying……

    (Why didn’t the other accounts mention it…I was there and yes I saw it and we are in discussion on it here today, but how does the REAL media really see it….We are not considered REAL by most, just some old jock from down the street…..)

  25. Roscoe pulled TJ all year or he would have had 2,000 more. AS for morales in our young people. About a month ago this community lost a very talented and absoutley wonderful young man way to early. I watched hundreds of young people morning and praying for his loss including a starting football player for Norhtern on the day of a playoff game. I have no doubt all of us including the ones posting comments on here do that every day. To bad only a few people on this website will see this just like only a handfull see the negative comments.

  26. I had no problem with anything the Northern coaches did or with the records up until the fake punt. In my opinion the fake punt was not called for and that’s when I felt like sportsmanship was out the window. Congrats to Northern but I still think the fake punt with TJ was overkill.

  27. Here’s a novel idea and feel free to call me the ‘village idiot’ if you so desire….

    Maybe the coaching staff wasn’t aware that TJ was that close to the record until the very end of the game…Coaches are so busy coaching that they don’t have time to keep up with those kind of things…

    Maybe that is why they inserted him back into the game after taking him out for what would have been the end of his night…

    Coaches knew they were going to try and get TJ the record and the Northern defense would have had a better chance of stopping TJ than Catholic did…

    No dis on CC, they just couldn’t catch TD Logan….He was gone just about every time he got the ball…

    Let’s give it up for Logan and get on to the basketball court…The kid can handle the ‘Rock’ too and may light somebody up for 50 this season if they let him run the court….

    Saw Josh Pittman(Trinity) hit for 62 at Northern one night vs. maybe WS Prep….

    On to the hoops for TJ and we will continue to give the kid his due…Like one poster said, “Some teams don’t have one player rush for 500 yards and 8 TD’s in one season” and TJ Logan did it one game…..

  28. Fine Andy – break the damn record!!! But a fake punt??? Why dont you just run a regular run play if they wanted a record??? If they wanted the record then why didnt Roscoe just admit it to the reporters after the game instead of lying??? I mean if it wasnt that big of a deal then just own up to it…

    If you dont thnk anyone else is talking about it then visit NCPREPS…Lots of very upset people on that board, so dont act like its just us here in this area hating on NG…It is what it is – CLASSLESS…

  29. If u watched the game on TWC ANDY, it clearly shows Coach Roscoe (after TJ scored his 7th TD) say ” u want 8?” just watch it and see!


  31. Andy, I think the debate here is at what length should a coach go to break a record? If a team is up 50-0 and 80-0 is the scoring record should they keep the throttle on and go for 100-0, regardless of how humiliating this would be for the other team? Your rationale above would make me think you would answer would be yes. If you were at the game last night, were you really not shocked at the fake punt call? Did you have any check in your spirit that it was not right? I think everyone in the stadium felt it was a foul call if they were truly honest. Take a private poll of other coaches and if you can find one out of 10 that was ok with the call I would be shocked, and I am very shocked that you seem to support it.

  32. Damn Footfan…give it a rest. I’m not a NG fan, I’m a SE graduate. I’ve seen Northern play several playoff games and I was at the game last night. The people I was around, which are other guilford county schools fans said the same thing. If you don’t want to get drugged then its up to you to stop the beating. TJ Logan could’ve scored 7 or 8 td’s in about every game he played this year, the reason he didn’t is he didn’t see the field in a lot of 4th qtrs this year. Coach Roscoe could’ve embarrassed a lot of coaches this year if he wanted to. As soon as he scored that last td I knew what it was about and believe me the CC coaches did too. Yes, Roscoe went out on a limb to get a kid who’s played with him for 4 years a record that will last a long time and in doing so he might’ve crossed the line with some fans. But I really don’t think he’s losing any sleep with what this board or NC preps board is saying. Let it go, like Andy said its time for basketball. I’m just glad I got to see Logan play, he’s going to be special.

  33. The starters were pulled backups put in. Many fans around me were talking about TJ staying in for more yards. Was it necessary, probably not. Was it amazing to watch, absolutely. if you have watched northern play you will have noticed they have set players for special teams they didnt sneak him in for the fake punt he is on the punt team. It provided one last chance for a record. Why not it is a lasting memory for all that were there. If you take it as negative so be it. If you take it as positive that’s your choice. Remember one important fact it was a tremendous performance by a great kid. Let’s remember that a great kid had a great night for a great team! Save your hurtful and angry words for those that harm others these were high school kids involved in a once in a lifetime situation embrace the joy and move on!

  34. You people can justify this all you want but the fact remains that it was a classless act by a coach who will be gone by years end so he could care less what he did. I don’t blame the kid. I blame the coach. The problem with all of this is that some coaches who are also classless will make it a priority to make sure one of his kids will now score 9 TDs and rush for 600 yards all at someone elses expense. The Albemarle coach was a jerk and so is Rosco. Those of you on here who think what he did was OK are also classless. How would JR have reacted if TJ had been tackled and gotten his knee cleaned out to the extent that his career would have been over? Wouild it have been worth it? I would never leave my starters in being up by 4 TDs, especially a player at a skill position. To many bad things can happen. It has happened too many times in the past. Thank goodness this did not happen, but that is always a possibility.

  35. 81player#51, I know you meant well but I can’t really buy in to your notion that all of the other teams cheat so cheating is ok.If you are a Northern person and you don’t see how others might find your actions suspect or at least controversial then you need to wipe the sand of your head where it has been buried. On the other hand TJ is not to blame for all of this and neither are the other student athletes.

  36. Now Now Mr. Wow, I’m sure your words come from an angry heart but, do you really think all of the “Haters” are angry fathers living vicariously through their looser children at looser high schools and therefore they are jealous of Northern’s success? That is a bit pretentious! Maybe they just don’t agree with you and find NG’s ways to be suspicious. Many of GCS football players are friends from pee wee and pop warner football so I don’t think the kid’s carry the same attitude as the adults seeing as how they are all still friends.

  37. Just know that the dynasty on Spencer Dixon Road will have some lean years and when they do…..programs are gonna pounce and they are gonna pounce hard whether in the regular season or the playoffs. Embarrassing kids for your self-gratification and “legacy” as a coach is unacceptable. You teach kids how to compete the wrong way… teach kids that they are better than others when in actuality they put their pads on the same way as the other kids….Athletics is cyclical and just realize when you are not on top and getting beaten like a drum that you were on the opposite end at one time……

  38. Those of you running around calling coach classless are probably the authorities on bein classless because are classless yourself. The single action of a person does not define that person. Coach roscoe has and will continue to have a great football legacy despite the few haters that hate on ANYthing that happens at NG. Coach didn’t come into the game with the intent to run up the s ore. As we now know he did it for TJ when he found out what the record was and made a decision at that time. It was better to have made the decision he made and get TJ the record than to spend the rest of his and TJs life regretting having not chosen to go for it. At that point in the game time was limited and the options few so he chose the best one he had. A coach made a coaches decision! Everyone will get over it and so will the rest of you. Coaches tell players to play for 60 minutes. Was CC players carrying out their responsibilities when they failed to check to see if the punt was a fake or not? Did they blow an assignment? People like to say what Coach Oddo would have done. Well we will see about that when Hood has a chance to break a record as a senior. He will make a decision I the heat of the game like all coach ea and sometimes hose decisions surprise even them. Message boards are for the fans and not the players. Next year they will line up again and some one is going to beat and maybe humiliated in the process. Lastly for those of you that want to count NG out I wouldn’t. There is a lot of young talent there to go with the state championship coaching staff. Have at it because NG nation don’t care what you say, it’s what fuels us and makes us a better team than most of your schools. 3 peat don’t forget it!

  39. I just figured out the problem!!! Instead of going to English class you guys practice football. After reading a ton of post from the NG end of things, I realize that both parents and students have a hard time with the English language. Secondly, instead of going to civics or Social Studies where you learned that not everyone has to have the same opinion, again football must be on the brain.
    Finally, you should consider letting the truth speak for itself. You have have some good student athletes such as Rippburger, Scarfone and others! You have also made some very questionable moves.
    Go and enjoy your victories and realize that no one begrudges the success of the students, no one doubts they work hard, and ultimately most of how you win or loose in life is as important as wether you win or loose!

  40. Da Truff:

    You obviously are the pot calling the kettle black, English is by far your expertise. You have more grammatical errors than are worth counting. Let the Nighthawks enjoy their 3-Peat and move on.

  41. Many are calling the coach classless and me clueless, but at least we live in a country where we can discuss issues such as these…

    The kitchen can get, but I’m glad we have a kitchen and we’ll keep on cooking….

    You need to support your Guilford County coaches and players and if you don’t support us here at this site then that is your choice and you are welcome to have that choice….

    This issue is kind of ending up and slowing down now and I hope it is cooling off and I hate that a great Championship Game got hit by this type of controversy, but it did and we will handle it and move on…

    On to basketball, as if we weren’t there already, cause hoops have been on us for about a week or two now….

    We will keep on promoting the players, teams and coaches and we’ll see what new answers we can find on the basketball court….

    The Monday after the HS football season is over is usually sort of a break day, but we have to make it a fast break today and keep on rolling…

    Again, congrats to all the Nighthawk players and coaches on the Title and we move on to the basketball season….

    I have heard and seen some of the comments from others, at some of the other sites and it makes me sick, because I support our Guilford County kids and coaches and if you do or don’t, that is your option…I has always viewed this, as we are all in this as a team and you stick with the team, through thick and thin no matter what…

    These talks could go on forever, but as we were saying earlier, time to ‘Hit the Hoops’…Can’t change the world, but we can effect it….

  42. Andy, I will end with this. I have posted a couple of times about this topic. You keep mentioning the importance of TJ getting the record. As a football coach, I can promise you there is nothing important about getting a record. I don’t think anyone on here is blaming Logan. He just did what his coach told him to do. Nothing wrong with him scoring 8,9,10, etc. if that is what his coach has instructed him to do. The problem lies with the simple fact that this is what he was instructed to do. The coach is to blame. I really can’t believe you stated that 99.9% of coaches would have done the same thing. It is probably more realistic to have said that 99.9% of coaches would not have done the same thing. No one is not being supportive or jealous of Northern. It has nothing to do with that. Our jobs as coaches and adults is to teach kids the right way to do things. I am really shocked at how blind you are to this. Andy, you are entitle to your opinion like anyone else. But it is disappointing when I read the comments you make about jealousy, and the importance of records. Knowing their are other teenage kids reading your remarks, makes only the coaches jobs that much harder. Maybe you should just report the facts instead of making comments.

  43. No problem and I respect your opinion and am willing to learn from others have to say and do it every day…

    Again, if it is about the kid, then isn’t there something to be said for giving the kid, in this case, TJ Logan, chance to be a part of history???

    Isn’t there a case for letting the kid be the best ever? We all saw what Logan did and we will remember it for a long, long time, but when his name goes in that record book, it is there forever possibly until somebody else comes along and breaks the record….

    Love a good friendly arguement and do respect what others have to say….

    These discussions are much like athletic competition, each poster should strive to be the best and come up with the best arguement to establish their case…

    To me everything in life is a competition and we should strive to give our best….

    I can’t win them all, but with the sports thing being like a marathon, maybe we can go on for what seems like forever…

    I’m out again, for now…..

  44. Andy, I think everyone is upset more at the coach instead of the kid. TJ’s career speaks for itself. JR has coached long enough to know that. Him scoring the 8th td is more about Roscoe. He should not have used the kid to try and show up a program.

    I think you need to recognize that and not try and hide the issue. When some team comes in and runs the score up on Northern I want you to have the same attitude.

  45. Very deep subject and many of you have been saying, you have to give it up and pass on the props to TJ Logan…This was a game for the ages with his 510 yards and 8 TD’s and the kid could just not be stopped…

    Wonder how NG would stack up with Matthews Butler???

    Would love to see that game and many of you that have been coming on here fighting and battling, would love to have you on my side if we went to war…Roger Dodger Jr. a good/prime example, you are fighter and a battler and we could use you on/in the field of battle….

  46. from nc preps raidersway which sums it up for me and seeing the lame excuse after the game with the interview with solarte made it even worse.

    “GSO you can sugar coat it all you want but its was tasteless. This game supplied the bookends for the entire 2012 playoffs. On one end we have the single best performance by an individual ever witnessed in NC high school playoffs and on the other end you have the single most egotisical and tasteless performance by a head coach most of us will ever see.
    It took Mike Solartie less than a minute into the post game interview to ask JR about the decision and the response was a goofy shrug of the shoulders and a pathetic answer to go with the pathetic decision. I hope others saw the interview. I am sure this is going to create a buzz for quite a while.

    GSO be a homer but for Christ sakes call it what it is.”

  47. Move On… I stand corrected!!! You r so smart! I did say let the kids enjoy their 3-peat! Honestly, I only posted because of people like you who think you are better than everyone else! You guys put a damper on NG’s success and then you try to convince your students that everyone else is a hater!
    In closing, I think Roger Dodger has given the best perspective to an endless discussion!

  48. Here’s what Ed Hardin tweeted at the News and Record on Saturday night…

    TJ Logan’s final HS game is up there with the greatest games in high school history, up there with Ken Hall of Sugar Land, Texas – 1953.

    Ed_Hardin I saw Emmitt Smith carry the ball 60 times for 266 yards and a slew of touchdowns in 1986 – Escambia v. Auburndale. TJ Logan was better.

  49. This all should be about TJ Logan’s great game and Northern Guilford’s success over the past three seasons, agree or disagree???

  50. Celebrate the positives…As soon as TJ hits the Tar Heel turf in Kenan Stadium and begins scoring all the TJ/TD’s there, you folks are going to start talking about him like he is your blood-brother and he is already your native-son….

    Guilford County has a Three-Time State Champion and we have a lot to be proud of…Much more positive in this story than there is negative…

    Some people go looking for the dark side and don’t realize that we have struck gold here.

    Time to hit the creek on a warm sunny day…..

  51. I’m going to add this in and then as Jim Rome says, I will be out of here at this running blog talk show for a Monday…

    I think we may have the best runningback in the Nation, right here in Guilford County, in TJ Logan…..

    Bold statement, but the results prove my point and for me, I’m LOOOOOOOOOOONG…

  52. I stand by what I said about other schools. My point is this. Everyone looks at Northern as the only school in Guilford County where parents move because they want the best for the kids. This has been going on way before Northern was built. If anyone thinks different then they need to pull their heads out of the sand. To pretty a day to spend anymore time on this trivial subject. I saw this team play several times and in the words of one of the best football movies ever ” leave no doubt”

  53. Nows a good time to put it all to bed and give it a rest…..Plenty has been said and as we put this one to bed, let me just say that I thought the News and Record photo summed it all up real well, with that Sunday morning front page photo by Joseph Rodriguez, in the sports section…

    TJ Logan leaving four Charlotte Catholic Cougars behind and running toward the end zone for another score…

    Every picture tells a story don’t it and that one sure told it all….

    News and Record with Mr. Rodriguez, Ed Hardin, Jeff Mills and Joe Gamm did a great job with their coverage…..

    As one of the radio men used to say and I believe it was the ‘Black Avenger’ Ken Hamblin(found that last name from over the years), but he would close by saying, “Onward, Upward and Beyond”……

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