Things we need to know and things I would like to find out???(“I oughtta know”)

“I oughtta know”…
There’s always several things I would like to know and things I feel we need to find out and some may not give a flying horse biscuit about these items, but I do care and I want to know, and as a man once told me down on East Market Street, “I oughtta know!”….Who won that Page-Ragsdale girls basketball game last Friday night, have not seen a score on that one anywhere, and “I oughtta know”…What about the boys basketball scores on Saturday from Dudley and Page at the Tourney Town event at UNCG??? “I oughtta know”….And we need to know how the Smith girls did at the Tourney Town? “I oughtta know”…..(Just got the Smith girls score coming in and thanx.)

Lots of inquiries about Doug Henderson today…..Is the ‘old ball coach’ sick??? Have seen his name show up in our question box(from stats) at least 10 times today and he was one of the toughest coaches to ever come down the pike or pile or whatever….I remember one night he had this runningback named Herbert Pressley run for 360 yards and 7 touchdowns in one game versus the Randleman Tigers and Pressley did all of that on just 10 carries…(Henderson probably would have run him for more, but he thought those records would be around for a while and they were.)
Randleman was coached then by the legendary Charlie Gregory and Henderson beat him two straight years 56-0 and 45-0 and those were considered high-scorng games back in those days….Funny thing is, the Randleman Tigers’ defensive coordinator from the 56-0 and 45-0 games showed up, up in Virginia, at a college I was attending and I played some football for that school and that coach comes in as the linebackers coach and I’m thinking, didn’t Western just hit you guys for 101 points in just two games and now you are here in Virginia to save this team’s defense???(I’m doing this off of memory, but I think the coach from Randleman, that came to Virginia, was Coach Ken Redding. Good man and he had a good plan, just had to get the plan, in the right time span.)

Hey, you never know, but Doug Henderson knew what to do, to get a team ready to play and I will give ‘the old ball coach’ that…Hope he is OK and not fading away…..

“I oughtta know”…….