The NFL is talking about eliminating kick-offs!!!

Two lines to heavily padded grown men barreling down the field colliding with each other is pretty dangerous. Ask Eric LeGrand, who is paralyzed from a hit during a kick-off play. The NFL moved the line to generate more touch-backs; but now they are considering eliminating the kick-off completely.

One recommendation is that after a team scores, they get the ball BACK! But it is 4th Down with 15 yards to go. They can punt or they could try for a first down. Not quite the equivalent of kicking or on-side kick???

The problem is how to avoid the injuries without offending the fans. When have a POLL – Should the NFL eliminate kick-offs? Other thoughts??


  1. Why don’t the make it two hand touch! My God! What’s next Nascar going 55 mph? No punching in the face in the UFC? Baseball pitching underhanded?

    Here’s an Idea…You make a ton of money playing football and you know its dangerous. If you’re scared of being injured quit playing the game and get a real job!

  2. I agree with wtf. This is a contact sport and they make tons playing it. If they do not want to take the risk then get into announcing or coaching or a real job like everyone else.

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