This Week In Greensboro By DJ Jeff

From the news desk of Greensboro Sports My Name is Jeff Piegari.

On Dec 1st 2012. I was at the 2012 Greensboro Christmas Parade. We had great weather and a lot of people.

I saw the best balloons and the best marching bands. My Favorite part was when A and T marching band did a fabulous did a Christmas song called Santa Baby. The people on the floats were giving out Candy to the children. I saw a lot of children at the parade. The Balloons were Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney, Snowman, PBS Word Girl and many others. They had the local groups, TV and radio people in this big parade. I was seeing the children eyes when those big balloon came by me and the crowd wow.

On Wednesday Dec 5th American lost one the pioneers of jazz piano. Mr Dave Brubeck passed away at the age of 91 years. Mr. Brubeck was best remember for his tune Take Five.

Bowl Game Picks
Notre Dame will win against my Alabama Team
Stanford Rose Bowl Game
Florida State
Happy New Year

Happy Holidays from Jeff Piegari News Desk.