More coming on the Metro 4-A All-Conference and here is what we have so far

Metro 4-A Football Honors……
Offensive Player of the Year:Richard Hayes(Dudley)
Defensive Player of the Year:Carter Stanley(Page)
Kicker/Punter of the Year:Harrison Kiser(Page)
Coach of the Year:Kevin Gillespie(Page)

*****Page Pirates with football banquet on Sunday afternoon at Mac Morris Gymnasium and they were able to recognize the Pirates on their above honors and they also recognized 2012 Pirate quarterback Jordan Putnam with over 2,200 yards passing on the season and his completion rate was at 60% for the year, plus Putnam and RHIII(Richard Hayes III) had a nice battle going for Offensive Player of the Year in the Metro, before Hayes brought home the final numbers and honors to James B. Dudley High School, over on Lincoln Street….Good job Pirates and Panthers on these honors and we look forward to adding more names to this post, later on this afternoon…..I was telling people in the pre-season not to sleep on Putnam and he proved me right, right down to the big game in Kernersville and I knew Hayes was on his way when I first met him in person along with his grandfather, at the Bojangles on Bessemer Avenue just about two years ago….Super good Coach Gillespie, State Champs one year and right back as ‘Coach of the Year’ the next….That is keeping it in order and keeping it coming…Stanley has the heart and soul that can control a defense and that kid will get on the ground and he won’t make a sound, but you will feel it when hits you and he does connect…Saw him hit that Mac Morris Gym floor many a time over the years playing heart and soul defense(basketball) and he does the same thing on the football field, in on every single play….

The kicker Kiser is just a freshman, so watch out for this kid, for years to come….

More Metro 4-A coming your way later on today, we hope….*****

+++++Quick note, Hayes grandfather played minor league football back in the Negro Leagues and man you have to be tough and you had to love it, to play minor league football…+++++


  1. Andy,
    You need to check out the most valuable Football and Basketball Player of the year for the 1958 Reidsville Golden Lions. That’s were Stanley gets it from. It must have skipped a generation.

  2. I would like to see that info….

    I thought maybe he might have picked it up all from Carson Stanley, who used to be the top electrician from my old neighborhood and he had a lake that everyone would die for or die in….

  3. And if the kid is any relation to Teal Stanley who was one heck of a soccer player(back in his day) and his dad was one of the best plumber around, that could be part of the puzzle too….

    Could be something that we need to schlosh around before we can find out the real meaning of all of this…..

    Always like a good mystery…..

  4. We’ll do some checking….Maybe one man got top punter and one man got top kicker….We ahould nave more names and numbers coming in soon….

  5. Andy, any more word on the rest of the team? Is is possible to get it from the same place that you got the 4 folks already mentioned?

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