Interview with Dan Goley Timco Invitational Basketball Tournament Chairman(Greensboro Sports Council)

From earlier today at the Greensboro Coliseum, our interview with Mr. Dan Goley, the Chairman of the 2012 Timco Invitational Basketball Tournament, presented by NewBridge Bank…..The tournament begins on Wednesday December 26, the day after Christmas, and with the Greensboro Day School boys and the Page Pirate girls as the #1 seeds, this ought to be one of the best tournaments, that this Tournament Town has ever seen….Lots of possibilites with maybe Page-GDS girls in the finals, Page-GDS boys in the finals, GDS-Northeast Guilford boys in the championship game, the Nothern Guilford girls vs. the Page Pirates for all the parts(TIMCO airplane parts if you will)….A number of finals could be on the way, but if the seeds held out, it would GDS-NEG boys/men and Page-GDS girls/women for chance to be first in flight(TIMCO flying high feeling)…..

Here’s our interview with Mr. Dan Goley, this year’s tournament chairman…..CLICK BELOW and you you will go TIMCO…..