Baseball will take Weston Wilson from Wesleyan to Clemson

from Michael Lindsay at the High Point Enterprise(….Good job Michael Lindsay and CONGRATULATIONS to Weston Wilson(and the Wilson family), with Weston on his way to Clemson and best of luck to his little brother Spencer, as he continues his recovery from cancer….

HIGH POINT —At times, Weston Wilson’s thoughts were far from baseball. For someone who loves playing the game as much as he does and has excelled as much as he has, that means a lot.

While his brother twice battled to overcome cancer, Wilson, a senior at Wesleyan Christian Academy, focused on things more important. Since then, however, that’s been his inspiration for him continuing to play hard and succeeding on the diamond, as he has signed to play at NCAA Division I Clemson University.

“Him fighting through that both times and being tough through it has helped me to always give my best,” says Wilson, the son of Billy and Jodie. “A lot of it’s been for him. I just want to honor God for everything He’s done for our family. …
“Baseball isn’t huge in the grand scheme, considering what he’s gone through. But I do have a love for it, and I do it to glorify God.”

Out of a tough situation for anyone of any age, Wilson has found an appreciation for simply living life, which for him means enjoying the things he loves to do, like playing baseball.

“It’s made me the person I am today,” he says. “I’ve probably matured a lot through that situation. The second time he had it, he had a 7 percent chance to live and I didn’t know if he’d be here in six months. It makes me realize how precious life is.”

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