Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Big Battle with Panthers versus Titans

*****Did some more checking today and the Jones twins, Jessica #23 and Jasmine #15, are just juniors….Hard to believe that those kids are only in the 11th grade, but they are…*****

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Girls Final:
West Forsyth 48
Dudley 35

Jessica Jones with 21 and Jasmine Jones 10 points to lead the West Forsyth Titans to the win….It was one of those ‘Jones owns the Night’, kind of nights…With the Jones twins in there, especially Jessica, Dudley could not get it going in the second half..The fans that were there would probably agree with me, Jessica Jones(#23) is one of the best players in the state, for girls high school basketball….Jessica Jones can do it all and she mainly plays like a guard/wing….The kid had it going on tonight…Jasmine Jones got ejected for throwing a flagrant elbow, and those Jones girls/twins are tough…I think West Forsyth was the team that knocked Southwest Guilford out of the girls’ West Regionals last year and West Forsyth may have been our West Regional rep in the 4-A State Title game, versus Raleigh Millbrook…

West Forsyth did not allow Dudley to run tonight….The Panthers were forced to play deliberate basketball by the Titans and Dudley has always seemed to attcak best when they can get out and run behind Moriah Davis and Essence Abraham…West Forsyth controlled the entire tempo of the game and the Titans had a guard named Perez and she did a very good job of running the Titan offense and helping to set up the defense…..

They led by only six points at halftime, 31-25, but West ran out to a 12-point lead quickly as the second stanza got under way….Hence the final number of 13 points, with the 48-35 West Forsyth Titans victory….It was not as close as that score shows…Dudley never really made any serious runs in the second half and they were never able to run the way the Lady Panthers like to run and West Forsyth made sure of that, with their tight Titan defense….

At the end of three periods West was comfortably in front 43-28….It was about that time that Essence Abraham from Dudley took that Jones’ elbow to the head and the game lost much of its intensity from both sides, from that point on……

Dudley showed a little bit of life after their fallen teammate Abraham went down, but there was not enough Panther Energy, to put any kind of dent into that Titan advantage….

For Dudley on the night the Panthers were led unofficially in scoring by Mo Davis with 11 points, Maize added 9 points, Essence Abraham contributed 8, Currie was there with 4, Lena hit for two and Carter put in one point for the Panthers….

West again was led by Jesica Jones with 21 points, Jasmine Jones got 10 pts., Perez hit for 9, Washington and Egbunah scored two each plus Rogers got on the board with a free throw….

The difference again tonight was the fact that Dudley couldn’t run, West Forsyth took their running game away, with tight defense and made baskets…The made baskets allowed West to set up some traps and the traps did not completely stop Dudley, but they did slow them down some….

Got the feeling that we will see West Forsyth again down the road somewhere in the playoffs, this season……

Good test for Dudley tonight and now the Panthers know some of the things that they need to work on in practice….The entire Metro 4-A Conference would have trouble with the Joneses and as we found tonight, “It is hard to keep up with the Joneses”, from West Forsyth……

Final again, West Forsyth 48, Dudley 35……


  1. I was at this game and I can’t believe what’s I was seeing.Dudley came out fine in the first half,but then it all went south.they lost another guard to a injury and that was all she thing I see is lack of coaching.Dudley had great talent,but they have to find how to make it all work together.their inside game is one sided,I witnessed

  2. Several times that the other inside players were wide open and were ignored by teammates.this will continue to hurt this team unless it is fixed.I also noticed verbal bashing to one player in particular by the coach,this is not how its done…show players respect ..please
    he has orther players that canscore,

  3. I don’t see the problem being with the coaching at Dudley…The problem was #23 for West Forsyth in my opinion….She pretty much took over the game from the first whistle and she is going to be hard for any team to stop…It is not her strength, it is her all-around game…

    Such a ball-handler and a good driver to the basket too…Not trying to take anything away from the Dudley girls, but you have to find a stopper on DEFENSE that can handle #23 Jasmine Jones and the same will be true for any team that faces West Forsyth this season…

    It will take away from your offense, cause you are going to get REAL tired, but somebody has to go straight-up on #23 and that will be a full day’s work….

  4. I knew we might get that confused…Those are the names I got from the WF assistant coach over by the scorer’s table after the game…Will correct ASAP and thanks…Lots of ‘Basketball Jones’ out there last night….

  5. I agree that’s she is a real good player. WF played a game but ,I think It would have been a better game if Dudley’s bigs would have showed up on defense …most if her 21 points came off put backs And shots in the pant. That’s why I say coaching is a part of this. You have make adjustments. And why did dudley not use a press . WF were able to come down and run set offense all night. Other team has showed that pressure is effective Against them. All that being said congrats to them I hope they go far this season……

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