New Garden Friends School Bears Roar on Saturday:Obi-Rapu Jr. lights up the tree from three and beyond, with 44 points

New Garden Friends 77
Greater Emmanuel Prep Academy (Durham) 71

Kanayo Obi-Rapu lit up the house with 44 points Saturday afternoon at the Bears’ Den and teammate Cameron Williams scored 17 and hauled in 10 rebounds as the Bears would not be denied and held off the visitors from Durham. The Bears defense was a huge factor as they rebounded hard and protected the middle. Bears scoring was compleded by Mason
Wyrick with 6 and two big blocked shots, Kingsley Nzekwe with 5, Isaiah Manderson with 3 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks before leaving in the first half with an injury and Josh Wilkerson with 2. Greater Emmanuel was led by Robinson 17 points, Vaughn 14, and
Bennett 13…..A big win for the Bears !


  1. Anyone who does not think that Obi-Rapu is one of the premier 2-3 players in this area obviously has not seen him play. This young man can do a lot of things on the court and he can do it against quality competition. I chuckle when I see local lists that have him down a ways.

    When the Bears get healthy after the first of the year they will be tough.


  2. He is a good player and can really score. He does not make his teammates better which will lead to hurting him in recruiting.

  3. Let’s see: Obi Rapu, Jr. averages nearly 8 assists per game despite there not being consistent shooting threats like he had last year. So when he isn’t passing to guys who are shooting around 35% and STILL averaging 8 apg, he is putting up 25+ ppg against some of the better teams in NC. Yeah that is REALLY gonna hurt him! Sure, coaches want to see kids play hard and be a great teammate (not saying KORJ isn’t) but be real: college coaches want to take a good player and make them GREAT. They think “Wow! If I get this kid in my program, with my trainers and coaches, we will yadda yadda yadda!” This is why that average size kid who is the GREATEST teammate in the world, works his hardest, but can only average 3.2 ppg and 2 apg gets NO looks!

  4. Oh yeah, GREAT JOB Kanayo! Keep up the good work! If Scout’s words bother you, then BE a better teammate and make a liar out of him. People said you’d never be better than your cousin Ike Nwamu but you are on your way and we hope to see you go even further. Best of luck!

  5. Ike and Kanayo are both really good players. Ike will be fine @ Mercer.

    Kanayo is having an even more impressive season than last year. This year he is without any other pure scorers and the schedule is rediculous. Also, the NGFS bigs are on the sideline for a little while longer. When they get heealthy they will be very good. Kanayo has carried the entire load and deserves a LOT of credit.


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