South Carolina takes Shrine Bowl Game over North Carolina

Final from Spartanburg, South Carolina:
South Carolina 23
North Carolina 19

South Carolina scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to take a 23-19 victory over North Carolina in the 76th edition of the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas on Saturday.

Mykal Moody (Conway) scored on a 5-yard run to give the Sandlappers a 16-13 lead with 14:03 remaining.

South Carolina extended its lead on Lewis Keinan’s (Belton-Honea Path) 20-yard touchdown reception from a scrambling Julian Michael (Hilton Head) with under four minutes to play.

South Carolina leads the series 42-30-4. The annual all-star game began in 1937.

*****Haven’t see any numbers yet on T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford), but he was in the game late in the 4th quarter, when the North Carolina team was making their move to come back in this game.*****

9 thoughts on “South Carolina takes Shrine Bowl Game over North Carolina

  1. Officially 32 yards on 13 carries. I guess those S.C. guys are a little quicker than the ones from Charlotte Catholic.

  2. Time to get ready for UNC and before there will be some Northern Guilford Nighthawks basketball games to win….

    North Carolina was the running the QB when it came time to go for a score on Saturday and the kid from Havelock that is going to U of South Carolina had a big game too and congrats to him….

    That hoops season is looming for TJ and can’t wait to see him play and do feel he will make a major impact….

  3. The numbers on Pharoh Cooper the young man from Havelock HS that is headed to South Carolina Gamecocks:

    Cooper had 104 rushing yards on 11 carries and caught three passes for 39 yards. He also returned five punts for 94 yards, including a 29-yard return. He returned one kickoff for 16 yards.

    Copper’s #’s for the North Carolina Shrine team on Saturday at Spartanburg, S.C.

  4. I really thought the kid from Northern would make a bigger impact in the Shrinebowl game. I had not heard of Cooper but sounds like He’s the real deal.

  5. For anyone to post a negative comment in a time that so many have lost so much after Friday’s nightmare is a shame. You should have spent a little more time in church today and less time talking down on a young man that has done so much. As a parent I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents and the rest of the families that lost such inocent people in hurrific tragedy. All of us should spend our time thinking about what’s important and what’s only a game. Games last a few minutes. Losses such as those in Sandy Hook will never be forgotten.

  6. … Havelock would beat NG like a Drum… Just like Cooper makes Logan look like a scrub!

  7. Huh. 2 as of now. and Justthetruth, that is what 3 teams said during the playoffs. Southern, Hunt, and CC. All three found out the truth and that is Northern won all three games in blowouts. Havelock never faced a defense like Northern and never saw a running back close to Logan. Like Northern Havelock had a great year. And in the end both should be very proud. Take it from someone that actually knows TJ… He is no scrub and most importantly it’s off the football field that he really shines…..

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