You gotta like what you see from SWG:Backcourt combo of Leach and Langley becoming one of the best around

High School Basketball Saturday Morning rewind:
You gotta like what you see from SWG:Backcourt combo of Leach and Langley becoming one of the best around…..

I have seen Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford HS) at least three times this season and he is starting to look better every time I see him…The kid has hops, he has strength, he is quick, he plays team ball, he is not real tall at six feet, but I don’t see that slowing him down one bit here early in this high school basketball season…

Leach is averaging 30 points per game over his last four contests and he is fast becoming one of the top players in our area and when you go to a Southwest Guilford Cowboys’ game, he is the one to look for, wearing the #2…

Leach can play and his backcourt teammate KJ Langley(#3) is a player too…The kid can dish passes, he can lift up alley-oop passes, he can speed up or slow down the offense when necessary and this year, he is now in his sophomore season and he started as a freshman for the SWG boys, this season, Langely is looking to score as well….

Langley along with Leach, seems to have really found his game this season and both young men agree that much of their improvement is due to fact that as a team, the Cowboys have begun to listen to their coaching staff and they are learning that this is the best way to go….And they are going to learn how to do things the correct way and what real team winning is all about from Cowboy head coach Guy Shavers, his assistant Greg Vlazny and the rest of the Cowboys’ coaches….

This team of SWG is one you ought to see and with the backcourt combo of Leach and Langley leading the way, they are already off to an impressive (5-0) start on this season and there is no time now to be standing around…Time to get back to work and keep listening and learning from the coaches and time to be playing together as a team….

Leach and Langley are leading the way, but you see Chamblee, Ferguson, Brister, Bryant, Zente, Bullock, Bethea, and all of the Cowboys ready to play and if they have their way, this might be the day/year that they show their faithful following down on ‘The Ranch’ a title or two, from the conference, the sectional, or beyond…..

*****You should have seen some of those passes that Langley was throwing Leach last night at NWG and then came the throw-downs for the monster slam-dunks by Leach…Quite a sight last night and then came ‘The Flush’….*****