When it’s time to fish or cut bait, the Fish(Florida Marlins) let players(Fish) loose and now they’re off the hook

The Florida Marlins’ baseball organization is for sure ‘Off the Hook’ now, cause they don’t have any players left, they let them all go….

The Fish threw all of the talent(FISH) back in the pool/lake/ocean and now they are angling with a broken pole….

It is hard to believe the talent the Fish had at the beginning of last season and how they proceeded to let it all go and they are now faced with having to start all over again in a brand new ballpark in Miami, with a core group of players that does not have the experience to win ball games at the major league level…

Most of the guys the Marlins/Fish have left now are former Greensboro Grasshoppers and a few players that they picked up in trades when they decided to jump ship and send all of their talented acquisitions packing….

Look at all of the Fish that they threw back into the pool….These are players that were with the Florida Marlins last season and now they are gone, thrown back into the baseball sea, where they can help another team and watch the Marlins flounder in their new ballpark with a makeshift squad…

After throwing all of these players back in the ‘MLB Sea’, it is going to be tough to get many bites from the fan following down in Miami this season….

Gone from 2012 are:
Josh Johnson
Jose Reyes
Hanley Ramirez
Omar Infante
Carlos Zambrano
Mark Buehrle
Carlos Lee
Emilio Bonafacio
John Buck
Anibal Sanchez
Gabby Sanchez
Austin Kearns
and many more….

Looks like ‘The Fish’ may be cooked for this season and for a few more to follow, or until they can get that Andy Haines bunch down there that won the SAL Title back in 2011, with Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, JT Realmuto, Noah Perio, Mark Canha, Danny Black, Isaac Galloway, and company…..