Media Summary on Western Guilford vs. Page tonight with Pirates on top 71-65

Page 71
Western Guilford 65

1st  2nd  3rd   4th    Final 
Western   5    18   20    22     65                
Page      22   18   16    15     71

Western scoring:
KALEEL WALTON 10pts 11 rebs 5 assists
Jackson Whitley 4pts
Ke’desh Edwards 7pts
Carmoni Marks 16pts

Page scoring:
J. Gaven 6pts
T. Graves 11pts
A. Eaves 4pts
K. Sykes 5pts
J. Neal 7pts
X. Hill-Mais 19pts
T. Morrison 10pts


  1. For the record it’s Jalen Gavin not Gaven!!!! And if the offense doesn’t go through #2 for page they want go far!!!! They have to many selfish players that think they are shooters and ball handlers AND there not!!!! The 1st qtr the ball was in #2 hands and they went up 20!!! Let the other guards handle the rock against North East and they loose again!!!!

  2. For most of the other games its been Gavin, but last night the other ball handlers were horrible and let the ball pressure of a weak team get to them!! If they play like that Friday night it will be a long game!!! It will be interesting to see if the 15 1/2 year old freshman guard from page can handle the ball better and the pressure better this time around or should he come of the bench behind a great defender Carter Stanley??

  3. Why wouldn’t Gavin be out there running the show for Page boys on Friday night???

    Seems like he is the logical choice…

  4. The one thing that I do is take up for all the players and the coaches and I will continue to that because I have worn the shoes of both…

    Some people don’t like to post here at times because I have to edit comments and that is just one of those things….

    I have to answer to evryone; the players, the coaches and the readers….I am into this stuff deep and there is no looking back now….

    I must look out for the players and the coaches and you have to remember I have seen just about every team this year and my focus is on Guilford County, but I do look forward to seeing the Southern Alamance girls again…..

    We can use the Metro 4-A Title as a measuring stick…If the Little Four doesn’t answer it then we will go with Metro….

    But somebody has missed the boat….Page, Greensboro Day and Northern Guilford on the girls end are fine teams….Greensboro Day could end being the upset winner of that tournament….

    The Metro 4-A Title or bust and we will leave it at that, but don’t sleep on the TIMCO Tournament….

    And if you have a problem with me then so be it…..Who else is out there covering games for you every night of the week when there are games???

    That’s OK, when Charlie Harville was growing old he told me to carry on and that is what I’ll do….

    Find me somebody that knows this basketball better than I do….T’aint none better….

    If nobody else is going to stand up for this old dog, then I will stand up for myself….That’s the way Charlie said it would be, but it is time to carry on…..

    If I didn’t talk about the kids you see and hear about on this site, chances are you would never hear about them….

    Time to carry on….24/7, there are no off days in this businees….Where else do you get a chance to crack on the President like you folks do here…..

    Good day and let’s play some ball…..

    I am looking to see Jonathan Frye from Appalachian State on Sunday…I’ll beat him then take on the rest….

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