I can’t believe this and ‘what ever happened to’?

I can not for the life of me believe that the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Charlotte Bobcats last night…Lakers over the Bobcats 101-100 and the Bobcats were up in this game by 18 points in the 3rd quarter at LA….I was listening in on my car radio, at around midnight to the West Coast game, as I was headed home and I have never been more sure, that a team would win a game…..

Bobcats up by 18 in the 3rd and the Lakers were playing like doggie doo doo…

Still can’t believe the Bobcats lost that one…At least N.C. State won their game vs. the West Coast team, when they defeated the Stanford Cardinal in Raleigh….

On another pro basketball note and this time from the ABA(American Basketball Association), ‘what ever happened to’, Ted ‘Hound Dog’ McClain, Calvin ‘Hawkeye’ Whitney, Ed Manning, Bob Verga, Larry Miller, Gene Littles, George Lehman, Mack Calvin, Wendell Ladner, Jim Chones, Jim McDaniels, and some of our other old Carolina Cougars and favorite ABA players???


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