Suspect classes at UNC-Chapel Hill go back as far as 1997


No-show classes and poorly managed independent studies within UNC-Chapel Hill’s African and Afro-American studies department stretch back at least to 1997, according to a report Thursday morning from former North Carolina governor Jim Martin.

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  1. The Martin report had no new facts in it.
    It was a total whitewash trying to exonerate UNC athletics.Martin concludes that this is not an athletic scandal.Of course he could have concluded that monkeys no longer climb and the light blue koolade drinkers would all believe it.No one with a brain functioning properly would believe that what we got today from Martin would reveal anything new.Next up for UNC is the SACS probe. Will they claim that this is an “Athletic Scandal” for them to escape academic sanctions just like Martin claimed this was an “Academic Scandal” to escape NCAA sanctions?

  2. So a well known, highly regarded national consulting firm which did this investigation is on the take? And a former governor with no ties to Chapel Hill, who is Princeton educated and a former Davidson professor, is also on the take and this is a big conspiracy by these folks?
    OK. Got it.
    You ABC’ers, especially the State nutjobs, screamed and screamed for “an independent investigation”!!! Now that you got what you wanted and the results aren’t what you hoped for, it’s all a sham.
    That’s quite rational.

  3. Vinny,
    It’s not as though this was some great report for the university. How can it be a “whitewash” when it showed that some people were dishonest? And to suggest it is a “whitewash” to avoid NCAA sanctions? They are already on NCAA sanctions, in large part for academic issues!

  4. To say that it did not involve athletics is a total “whitewash”. Even the Carolina defense was “everyone does it” because they knew it involved athletics. To say otherwise with the overwhelming amount of evidence centered around athletes is obsurd.
    smh: The consulting firm (lawyers hired and paid by UNC) did not sign the report and Martin is a politician not an investigator. He was hired and performing under Thorps direction, not independently. Do you think there may be a reason they picked him since they picked their own “investigator” I sure hope I get to pick my own investigator should I ever need to. This was to provide an appearance of an independant investigation. Let’s have the unc system board appoint an investigation totally external to and independant from university insiders.

  5. and to you my friend, a pair of goggles to keep the sand from your eyes while your head is buried in the sand.

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