The future of football at High Point University:Sooner or later?

Football was dropped at High Point Univesity on November 28, 1950 and that time it was thought that the monies being geared toward football, would be better served if they went to the basketball program….


The school diverted all the money from football to basketball in an effort to bring the program to “a new high.”

High Point Enterprise writer Bill Currie supported this plan saying, “There is every reason to believe that basketball is the athletic salvation of the college.” Currie wholeheartedly believed that “the small college can play big time basketball.”

Fast forward from 1950 to 2012 and some of the HPU supporters see things changing and they want to see changes that will make football a part of the Panthers’ athletic program…

They want to do what UNC-Charlotte/Charlotte has done….

Read here/CLICK HERE to what might be happening sooner or later with college football, at High Point University….