POLL: What Should the TIMCO Basketball Tournament Be?

There has been a lot of discussion about the Timco Basketball Tournament. It has a long history; but times have changed and the “Little Four” pretty much has remained the same.

Should the sponsors mess with success? Should they be more inclusive! Should it become a national/regional showcase.

We’ve set up a Poll, found on the bottom left column with the 4 most popular suggestions we have seen so far. Let’s hear what you think!


  1. Very interesting from another comment:
    From the NCISAA rule book

    “E. DATE OF BIRTH. No player shall have reached his/her 19th birthday on or before August 1 of the current school year. (For the 2012-2013 school year, this birth date is 08-01-93.)”

    Not really wanting to be a GDS basher, if they feel they won fair and square so be it.

    If it is all about ticket sales as many stated above so be it also.

    Many teams in college become sacrificial lambs to add money to their programs, if it is all about GDS wanting to be number 1 in the tournament over non-recruiting public schools that’s fine too.

    When 19 year old players are playing 14 year old players and not really dominating the game, you have to question who really has the better team.

    If the public schools recruited, I’m not sure the 2012 tournament would have had the same outcome.

    I would recommend adding more Guilford County Schools and keeping GDS in the tournament. GDS wins the tournament and feels good, the public schools add money to their athletic programs due to GDS being there, win/win for everyone.

  2. To PageDad – I am not a GDS supporter but you just made one of the most stupid statements that I have ever read. So Page is playing with 14 yr olds and GDS is playing with 18 yr olds. You should be banned from this site until you get your math in order. You are totally discounting the value of your junior and senior class at Page. The GDS team had 5 starting seniors which is rare even for GDS. Page competed (period). If we were in Forsyth Co, would you still make the same argument since players can pick the school of their choice ? Get your math together and just remember that your argument would have to change if you just moved one county to the west.

  3. Sorry you misread my comment, I stated 14 year old kids playing 19 year old kids(some might be getting ready to turn 20). Your point is well taken about recruiting or choosing your school in order to play a sport. I would suggest that all teams play under the same rules. I like Guilford County rules. They are fair.

    As far as Page competing, All sports at Page are competitive and lead by one of the best coaching organizations in the State.

    I don’t discount our juniors and seniors on the team. I was just making a point. A Junior leads the team and the Seniors are the foundation when things get tough.

  4. I get tired of reading about the 19 year old rule. Public school kids can’t turn 19 before October 15th. It is not much different. What is different is the 8 semester rule public school kids have. GDS doesn’t have that and it allows kids to attend high school for 5 years and play the entire time. A public school kid becomes ineligible after four years of play. The extra year of play is a GIGANTIC advantage for GDS. Six fifth year players on this year’s team makes the playing field uneven. GDS should always win playing kids with an extra year experience against less experienced kids. Someone else posted somewhere, what if Page’s had Fonville, Eaves, Summers, Spain, and Brown back this year? Wouldn’t they be a better team? Of course they would. An extra year of strength, size, and experience makes a world of difference. It is a good point Pagedad made. If fifth year players can barely beat an extremely young team like Page, who really has the better program. GDS is already trying hard to get some of Page’s kids to their school. That’s how they do it, find good players at other schools, get them to reclass at GDS, and then act like they are better than everyone else. Their program is built on a very weak schedule to make them look good, and taking advantage of different rules to again make themselves look good.

  5. This conversation has been going on for years. There are inequities in athletics in this county. If you throw in Forsyth county, it is even worse. I think it bothers the parents more than the kids. Several of the kids on private schools rosters are the age of college freshman. It has been this way for a long time. I think the public school kids like the challenge. Some of the parents don’t.

  6. Here is the reality of why this situation goes on and on year after year. Schools like Page and Dudley use their IB and Academy programs to get whatever “needed” players they need year after year. We may not have the system that Forsyth Co has or the recruiting ability of a GDS or WES but you cannot tell me this system is fair. Other schools such as Northern, and Northwest don’t have these same advantages. The bottomline is that GDS has a basketball and soccer culture first. Schools like Dudley and Page have a football and basketball culture first. These cultures combined with good coaches has produced good play on the field and court.

  7. Ty Graves is a very good player and student. He reclassified in elementary school. Parents make choices for their kids in an effort to give them the best opportunity.

  8. There really is no difference between Ty Graves having reclassified and some of these other people who do it. Everyone is seeking the best opportunity for their kids which is the right thing to do. Ty is a sensational player and will be key to hanging more Metro 4A banners.

  9. I would like to suggest that we discuss issues and programs and leave individual players names out. The players are just part of the programs.

    Unless there is a positive comment about the player.

  10. I agree with pagedad, but you just seem to be so against that 5th yr Sr and Page starts two so called Fr (#3 and #10) that should really be So. I agree with you, I don’t like the “reclass”, if your is good enough to go to a D1 school than they will get that look!!!

  11. I agree with a lot that is being said and do agree we need to focus on the issues and not be bringing up particular kids and making them part of the equation….

    Let’s just let the kids play the games and stick to the issues, one kid does not make or break a certain code of victories…

    Defensively if we can’t stop one kid that is killing us, we need to get out of the business and I’m speaking on that as a a former coach…

    Teams are what kill you and we have the makings of some real good teams around here….

    Sometimes kids have late birthdays and sometimes parents hold kids back a grade early in the educational process and that is their choosing and it is all part of the game…

    Re-classing usually comes much later down the road and it is part of the game too…

  12. The 3 seniors that all play double digit minutes for Page need to be getting more props. Page has some good young players but part of the success this year is the fact that they are deep and these seniors are the reason. I am tired of hearing that Page doesn’t have any veterans when they have some good veteran hoopers. I respect the Coach’s decision but you could argue that they could be starting for the team. Hopefully, Page will represent Greensboro well in the 4A and be able to take on Mount Tabor and Davie County.

  13. Have seen Mount Tabor and they are long, lean and tough….Davie County already had the Martin Twins in Cody and Caleb and I heard that back in early December they picked up another set of twins that transferred in from South Davidson……Davie now has Twin, ‘Twin Towers’….

  14. The other twins to Davie County are the Hatfield Twins and they are not towers they are guards and they are juniors just like the Martins…

    Davie County (11-1) with their only loss to Charlotte Olympic 74-73 and Mount Tabor stands at (12-0) and Mount Tabor at Dudley on Friday night…..

  15. I think PRIVATE SCHOOLS should play in their own tournament and PUBLIC schools should play in their own tournaments. Then each tournament has players based on the same criteria for age.

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