Irene ‘Ciara’ Norris(High Point Andrews) hits Capital One Bowl stage in Orlando

See what you think as you more about this outstanding young lady from High Point Andrews High School, Ciara Norris….You can call her Ciara, Cara, Cat or C. Norris, you just have to be sure to also call her All-American……

The Norris family just got back from the Capital One Bowl and they are saying, “what a game”….Georgia 45, Nebraska 31 was the final from Orlando, Florida….Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, both North Carolina natives, had big game for the Georgia Bulldogs, but the real star from our local area might have been the young lady who took a page out of Irene Cara’s dream book and became a star for day and she didn’t even have to run a play…

Ciara Norris(High Point Andrews) made like Irene Cara of ‘Fame’ fame, as Norris took her talents center stage in the land of Disney, down in Orlando, at the Capital One Bowl…”What’s in your wallet?”…Randy Norris would say a photo of his daughter Irene ‘Cara’ Norris, who nows leads Guilford County in our weeekly ‘Fame Poll’….

We all remember Irene Cara and the famous ‘Fame’ dance school in New York, well Ciara Norris spread her fame around on the football field at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Florida….

Ciara Norris(High Point Andrews HS) made All-American cheerleader this past year at the N.C. State cheerleading camp and was chosen to perform with the other All-American cheerleaders across the country, at halftime of the Capital One Bowl game.

Turned out to be an awesome experience for Ciara as she was performing in front of 59,000 fans. C. Norris enjoyed a week of fun at Disney World during her stay and for dad and her family, it was a wonderful opportunity to be there with her.

BIG ‘Shout Out’, going out today for Ciara Norris, with this being the first time in High Point Andrews’ history, that one of their cheerleaders was able to pull of such an accomplishment and be named THE All-American cheerleader from HP Andrews, that was performing during halftime in a bowl game.

‘Ciara Norris’ taking the lead for this week in our ‘Fame Poll’ and soon to be, we believe, on the doorstep of that famed ‘Fame’ dance school in New York City, with Irene Cara looking on and saying, “When nobody else cared, Ciara cared and now she is there/here”…..

What do you say???

How about another BIG ‘Shout Out’ for Ciara Norris for the job she did performing during halftime at the Capital One Bowl, down in Orlando….

Again, good job Ciara and we may have to change your name to ‘Cat’ so it rhymes with ‘Nat’ and then we will have ‘Nat’ Norris and ‘Cat’ Norris…..

High Point Andrews and Guilford County, time to give it up for, ‘Cat’ Norris……

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  1. I bet Nat and Sandra are proud. Nat And I went to Farmville Central. I remember when all of his kids were born

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