Greensboro Day beats Durham Academy in Early Afternoon Game

Greensboro Day School – 5:30 PM


                    1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
  GREENSBORO DAY   11   14   13   12    50
  DURHAM ACADEMY    9    5    7    7    28

GREENSBORO DAY (21-0): Bryan Rouse 11, Montrel Goldston 7, Darius Moore 4, Ben Magod 3, Reed Lucas 5, Christian Hairston 7, Reggie Dillard 3, Jonathan Terry 21

DURHAM ACADEMY: M Jones 4, S Lane 4, S Daniezs 2, N Carey-Edward 3, J Clayton 3, A Thompson 12


  1. Defense was awesome for GDS tonight. They couldn’t make a shot though. Dillard must have made all of his at TIMCO. Schedule picks up starting Saturday. Davidson Day then Forsyth and a two loss Providence Day team for homecoming next Friday!!

  2. Durham Academy is terrible. They don’t reclass kids like GDS goes and are more focused on academics than athletics. GDS must have played bad to only have beaten them like they did. Schedule picks up with Davidson Day and FCDS? You’ve got to be kidding. Both teams are not good. If that is your idea of a good schedule you are not much of a basketball person.

  3. This is a typical GDS scheduled game. They schedule 45 games a year. That’s more then any college….

  4. The Durham Academy team last night was equal to an average public high school team. They had a good center/forward that could hit perimeter shots and a couple of guards that were okay. Normally GDS would have beaten a team like this by 40 plus but last night was just one of those nights that the shots were not falling. They have 2 weeks to be ready to rumble for real.

  5. It picks up from the terrible games they had early on. It doesn’t jump right into the fire. But starting next Friday their schedule really picks up. Providence Day, @Charlotte Christian, Wesleyan, NW Temple in MLK, and then @HP Christian. I don’t know of many teams that will play that many good teams in a 3 week span. After that we can decide how good or bad GDS is. In reality, the only measuring stick those three private schools have is a State Championship. That is how they will define success.

  6. Durham Academy has a 6’8″ sophomore wing that plays for Team Loaded and is a mid to high major recruit. I don’t see many of those running around Greensboro besides Harry Giles and Theo Pensin. That kid can play.

  7. The wing from Durham is really, really good. He has looked good most of the year. Athletic, lot’s of length, and can shoot it.

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