Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford High School) #9 in the Nation among all schools scoring at 33.0 points per game

Very good numbers for Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford HS) and his 33.0 points per game puts him tied for #9 in the Nation, among all schools…..Leach had 54 points in the SWG Cowboys 98-97 win over Western Guilford last Saturday night, to claim the Sheetz Holiday Tournament at Southwest….

The son of Rasheed Wallace is also on the tops scoring list from MaxPreps.com and he hails from New Jersey, not too far from Philly….

CLICK HERE to see the name of Terrell Leach(SWG) and it will show him at #10, but look at the guy in front of him at #9 and you’ll see they are both at 33.0 ppg……

Good job Terrell Leach and the SWG Cowboys and I’m sure coach Guy Shavers and his top assistant Greg Vlazny are very proud and thanks to Walter Thomas for sending this our way and a win-win situation for all involved…..


  1. I have never seen this kid play. What year is this Terrell Leach ? If he is a senior, where is he signed for college ? Is he a high D1 type player (high ball handle and shooting) or just a shooter ?

  2. Leach is a senior. He isn’t committed anywhere yet but is receiving interest from a growing number of schools. What slowed down his recruiting process is that he missed all of last season with an injury.

    He can definitely play Division I in my opinion but his size will keep him from playing at the very highest level (I’m talking ACC, etc.) He’s a 6’0 shooting guard but he has great lift on his jump shot and he has unbelievable leaping ability. Throws down multiple dunks per game. Can also stroke the 3. Not the world’s best ball handler but definitely serviceable there. His best trait is that he’s a winner and a strong leader. One of the best to play in this area in a long time, you should definitely check him out. I don’t think there are 5 better players in North Carolina.

  3. It is sort of like when I was facing our local attorney Jan Pritchett on the outdoor court and he would say, “You reach, I teach”….

    In this case it is from Terrell(SWG) and I preach, “You reach, I teach, I’m Leach”….

    I have some video coming up soon and he has one of the best base-line alley oop dunks going today, off of his passes from KJ Langley on the outside…

    WSSU was hot on the scene last week and now the stakes need to get higher and the offers need to get larger…Coach Shavers and Coach Vlazny are working hard to get this kid recognized and noticed….

    Good luck to Terrell and let’s launch Leach…..

  4. Terrell is my hero When I wake up I just put 2 fingers in the air just for him I make 2k players #2 and there names are Terrell Leach I think he is going to the NBA he is better than Jordan and He is better than Kobe, Lebron, and Kevin Durant I think that he is the best player ever I just wish that he would notice that im his biggest fan Im going to actually try to buy his jersey after the season and his sneakers

  5. And I made a fake Tyler Williams cause I want people to think that he talks about terrell to so i dont get made fun of at school

  6. I LOVE Terrell I even have a fathead of him in my room, he’s my wallpaper on my computer and profile picture on facebook. <3333

  7. It is outstanding that any kid gets the opportunity to continue playing the game that you love and getting a solid and paid education as a result. If this id is as good as it appears he is, then clearly he will at least end up on the court in college. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy your time in school because school and high level competition will end sooner than later for all of us.

  8. Sorry – made a spelling mistake in last posting to correct. … If this id is as… It should have said.. If this kid is as.. Kid not id – sorry.

  9. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Leach play and he really is a really great athlete. I wish him all the best because he plays hard the whole game. However, his team was beating a team by almost 30 points and he was still in the game. There were quite a few players that hadn’t played much but were on the bench. I only saw one game but I hope that doesn’t happen alot. However, congrats to the young man!

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