Bruce Bullington would have been having a good day today:NHL Lockout comes to an end

Bruce Bullington would have been happy today, or at least you think he would have…The National Hockey League lockout ended today and there will be hockey in Raleigh this season, where the Carolina Hurricanes will return to the ice….

Bruce Bullington was among the ‘Top Five Fans’ of the Hurricanes and there were times during the history of the Hurricanes in the Carolinas del Norte, when Bruce might have been considered #1…He had to be the #1 hockey fan to ever live in Greensboro and that is a fact….

Bruce is gone, but hockey is back and ‘The Bull’ would have been full of joy today, although I bet you he would have still had a few choice words, for those that led the lockout and the principal players that caused this holdup/holdout, to last so long….

Hockey fans are glad to see their sport back, even if it will be for an abbreviated season…Bruce Bullington was one of those ‘Top Hockey Fans’ and we again salute him and all the others that bust their ice every day……