Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Dudley over SEG girls 45-39 final and WES by 6 vs. HPCA FINAL…

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(Scores from all over the place.)

Southern Guilford boys 83
Grimsley 70

Page boys 56
Smith 28

Page boys now (11-3)

Northern Guilford boys 63
Western Alamance 45

Bishop McGuinness boys 57
North Surry 45

Caldwell Academy 55
American Hebrew Academy 45

Southwest Guilford girls 52
Glenn 49


Northwest Guilford girls 51
Ragsdale 40

North Surry girls 37
Bishop McGuinness 33

Southern Alamance girls 76
Western Guilford 50

Greensboro Day girls 71
Forsyth Country Day 31

GDS girls now (18-2)

Caldwell Academy girls 49
American Hebrew Academy 21

Page JV boys 52
Smith 48 (OT)….We have not yet heard the final on the Page-Smith varsity boys…Heard Page won big, but no exact score so far…

McMichael boys 56
Rockingham County 52

Quan Mims with 33 points for McMichael, Edric Roberts had 14 points and McMichael goes to (9-4/3-1) and the Phoenix will travel to meet Northern Guilford on Friday night….

Western Guilford boys 64
Southern Alamance 51

Southwest Guilford boys 70
Glenn 60

Greensboro Day boys 67
Forsyth Country Day 49

Page girls 50
Smith 43

Page now (12-0)/(3-0) Metro…

Morehead boys 61
Eastern Guilford 54

End of 3 Q’s:
Eastern Guilford 46
Morehead 44

WES boys 45

Northwest Guilford boys 66
Ragsdale 52

Dudley boys 63
SEG 47

Dudley boys 29
SEG 24

End of 3 Q’s:
WES 35

Halftime Boys:
WES 29

End of 1st Q:
WES 11

Final Girls:
Dudley 45
SEG 39

14 points for Maize and 10 for Currie for Dudley by our unofficial books…

Final Girls:
Eastern Guilford 58
Morehead 19

Westchester Country Day girls 42
Salem Baptist 34

Westchester Country Day boys 64
Salem Baptist 31

End of 3rd Q:
Dudley 25
SEG 25

Dudley girls 22
SEG 16

End of 1st Q:
Dudley 9

Dudley up now 9-7 59 secs. in first…
Tied at 7-7 1:22 in first…
Now 7-5 SEG with 2:53 left in the first Q…
7-4 SEG early on….Maize with 4 for Dudley and Shutt with 3 and Uffman with 2 for SEG…
Dudley-SEG girls ready to start 6:05pm


  1. Dudley came to play, up by 10 at one point. turnovers cost them in the second half but they still came away with the win…I think Currie played a great game she had 14 by my count. maize also played well.this team is inproving at the right time

  2. This was a terrible game on both sides. I’ve seen middle school teams execute better than what these two teams did. SEG’s two scorers could not get their shots to fall. They made bad passes and turned the ball over to much. this was by far the worse game they have played thus far. Yes, Dudley gets the “w” but I was not impressed with their play either. I’m sure they are better than what they showed. It was not a good night for either team.

  3. I agree with Dudley vs. SE girls. I am not sure either team scored in the half court the entire game. It was a painful game to watch. The nice way to say it is that there was not a lot of bench instruction on either side.

  4. I’m sure that Dudley win was “ugly” from a Falcon standpoint but since when has more emphasis and credit been given to “pretty” wins?

  5. Solid Dudley ‘D’ last night, but SEG’s top scorers were feeling that ‘D’ too and they combined to go 4-31 from the field and that is an off night…The rim can get real small in a hurry, when your shots aren’t going and they sure weren’t going down for SEG last night, but you have to give credit to Dudley for a lot of that too and boy the DUDLEY fans really turned out for both the boys and girls’ games…

  6. Does anyone know is Emily Cox or Destiny Morgan made the SEG girls basketball team (jv or varsity). I did not find them on the roster but I am trying to find out if they made the team and/or even played one game for SEG.

  7. Can’t give credit to Dudley “D” when SEG shooters have open jumpers and layups and don’t convert. We’ll give it another try on Feb. 5th. It’s still early in the season, SEG will put it together.

  8. Amber….the answer on both is no. Were you considering filing a Pleasant Garden league protest?

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