North Carolina Tar Heels led Miami Hurricanes 32-30 at halftime:Final goes Miami 68, Carolina 59

Miami 68
North Carolina 59

For UNC it was James McAdoo with 14 points, Reggie Bullock had 11, while Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson had 10 each….Miami was paced by Kenny Kadji with 18 points, Gamble pumped in 14, plus Durand Scott and Barry Larkin Jr. had 11 a-piece……

Heels now (0-2) in ACC play, while the Miami Hurricanes jump up to (2-0) in league play…..

*****This game has now moved on to the second half and the fans are getting rowdy….*****
Heels 37, Canes 35…..(We will keep you updated as the scores come in.)

At the half in the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill:
North Carolina 32
Miami 30….

Heels came in at (10-4) and Canes at (10-3)….


  1. sad sight seeing alot of empty seats in the dean dome. they are not good and want be for a while. lol . thats beautiful, the tarholes are falling fast. they will get beat saturday by florida state, probably run out of the gym and back to chapel hell.

  2. My guess is you are used to seeing a lot of empty seats in your off campus home arena over the past 10-20 years.

  3. dont think so . when you get caught cheating people see that, just like the tarholes. its just a matter of time old roy will be gone and the tarholes will be a doormat in the acc.just looking at them makes me so happy , to see them getting their tales top players are even thinking about going to chapel hell. thats a good sign of bad things to come.hahahahahahaha lmao

  4. Looks like Old Roy coaching style has played out. Maybe time for some fresh blood in Chapel Hill. I think he is the problem. Time to retire

  5. You guys just keep dreamin. Your statements are just plain ridiculous. Two national champions in the last what … 8 years?. Yeah, he’s played out. He hasnt won the National Championship in 4 years. Time to go. Sounds just like a bunch of State Fans.

    But, gonna be a long year or two by UNC standards. Of course, this year being a “down year” will probably still be better than most NCSU seasons of the past 10-20. Proving once again that everything is relative.

  6. doesnt matter if i am a wake fan ,state fan, duke fan who cares. the point being is carolina tarholes are not getting top basketball players anymore period.roy is not a good coach it shows now because without talent he cant coach the average player. the other acc schools have the same players on their rosters and the coach with what they have. he cant fold his arms now and watch he has to coach but as you see those average players and coaches are beating his tale, why because he cant coach.virgina , miami ,and miami beat you at home. come on man everyone sees the writing on the wall. no sale outs empty seats that smells trouble in chapel hell. let us pray ????? lmao . doesnt look good for the tarholes the carolina faithfuls will have an excuse and some other bs explanation , and as usual refer to years ago when you they were this and did that bottom line who cares talking about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You can pretend 2 titles in the last 8 years is ancient history but you just sound silly.
    Typical Pack Pride BS.

    I’ll keep Roy and you can have “what’s his name” any day of the week. Anybody tell “what’s his name” his grace period is up and the zero tolerance policy of losing to UNC is in play. Ask TOB. What was he last year 0-3?

    Who all did UNC lose to the NBA? Lets see the Pack lose that many starters to the NBA and have a good season the following year. Of course, that would require NBA caliber players now wouldnt it. Sorry. Bad example.

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