Check out 2012 Year in Review Video

If you can’t wait for the lower link you can go ahead and CLICK HERE and get in now, and we don’t blame you one bit, you’ll like what you see and you might even see yourself in here….

Courtesy of Jordan Stowe, at, you can now check out the 2012 Year in Review, with many of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, Cam Newton, Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, the stars of the Wyndham Golf Tournament including John Daley, photo footage from our top high school football games of the week/year, high school basketball shots that you won’t soon forget and much, much more….

Super job by Jordan to put it all together and I know you will like it and there is a great chance that you will see someone you know in here among the clips from this, 2012 ‘The Year in Review’……

Oh yeah, CLICK HERE and you are there again, in 2012 with Jordan Stowe and…..