Tickets for the WES-GDS game are SOLD OUT!(Hottest Ticket in Town and there are NONE left!)

There will be NO public sale of tickets for the Greensboro Day School-Wesleyan Christian Academy game this Friday night….

The Game is already SOLD OUT!!!!!

If you have your tickets already and if you purchased them in advance, hang on to them and have them ready for Friday night…If you have that ticket now, you will be one of the lucky ones that gets in there(Dillard Athletic Center), because as of right now, there are NO tickets left for Friday night….

The game scheduled for the Greensboro Day School, on Lawndale Drive, with GDS vs. WES is a total SELL OUT! No more tickets avaiable…..(This has become the HOTTEST TICKET in town over the past 2-3 years.)


  1. This would be an excellent opportunity for GDS have this game “live stream”. I am sure people would love to follow the game on their computer. What do you think Andy?

  2. I don’t understand why all of these schools don’t have such options available for live stream. Most of my kids recre basketball games are live stream at Proehlific Park. Especially when your game is a sale out this would be a great marketing opportunity for GDS.

  3. We have done that in the past and this time around we will have LIVE updates on the site from that game…

    Spacing with the extra bleachers and limited floor space was a problem this time and we had done that game with GDS vs. WES for 15 straight years and I don’t think GDS has ever lost to WES when we were doing that game as a broadcast, but with the limited space this year due to the big sell-out crowd we won’t be able to get in there this year but we will have LIVE updates here at the site coming your way all night long and we will be set up over at Page for both the Dudley vs. Page girls and the Dudley vs. Page boys…

    Follow the site for updates on the games tomorrow night weather permitting…

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