Top Five Players Ever for Ben L. Smith High School(Smith Golden Eagles Basketball)

Top Five Players Ever for Ben L. High School(Smith Golden Eagles Basketball)

Who are your ‘Top Five Players’ Ever for Smith High School?????

We started up with this idea earlier in the week and plan to keep it rolling all week long and to include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Smith High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools over the next couple of weeks…

Smith Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Dorothy Trapp, Cathy Jones, Ashley DuBose, Lakendra Wilkerson, Lashandra Ashford and that is just a few and now you give us your TOP Five…Just giving you a few names to get you going….You probably have a few other names you want to get in here, so bring them on…

Smith boys Top Five All-Time?????
Robert ‘Bob’ McAdoo, Marvin Webster Jr., Clavon Ingram, Jeremy Clayton, Tracy Gathings or your five you want to leave, just leaving some names to get you started…..
You may have Mark Sutton, Quinton Goods, Charles Wright, Mike Porter or others on your list….


  1. GIRLS

    Ashley Dubose, Nicole Patterson, Jan Street,


    Quinton Goods, Jeremy Clayton, Justin Ellerbe,

  2. Can we all agree that Bob McAdoo has to be on the boy’s list and that Dorothy Trapp has to be on the girls list for the Smith Golden Eagles???

    McAdoo has to be the biggest name to ever come out of Smith High School, even bigger than the Bostic Brothers and Vimce Evans…McAdoo led the NBA in scoring and was the Rookie of the Year with the Buffalo Braves and won an NBA Title with the LA Lakers…Bob still works last check with the Miami Heat as an assistant coach today, so he probably has two NBA Title rings with them too…

    I remember Trapp and with a name like that, ‘trapp’, you have to be some kind of basketball legend….Coach Lou Roshelli might say, “Run the trap, and Dorothy could say, “I am the Trapp”….

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