John Walker’s Auto Insurance Outlet High School Basketball Tonight Lineup:Gospel Light at Vandalia

John/Johnny Walker’s Auto Insurance Outlet High School Basketball Tonight Lineup shows just one game for this evening, with the Gospel Light Lions coming in from Walkertown to battle the Vandalia Vikings, down on Pleasant Garden Road…

Talked to Vandalia Christian coach Tommy Adams back on Tuesday night, out at the New Garden Friends School and Coach Adams said this will be in many ways, the ‘Game of the Year’, for his VCS team….

‘Game of the Year’ for Vandalia, facing their arch-rival Gospel Light and FOX 8 NEWS is supposed to be there to do a story on how the Vandalia boys basketball team has been honoring one of their teammates all season long, by hanging his jersey(#23) on a chair at the end of the Viking bench and that has represented the Zimmerman kid(Will Zimmerman) for the Vikings and Will Zimmerman has been at Duke now for what seems like forever, battling cancer….

Zimmerman had the cancer beat last year and then it came back and knocked him down again….Coach Adams says the Zimmerman kid would have been one of his top scorers, if he would have been back with the team this season, but Will Zimmerman is away in the fight of his young life, trying to defeat cancer, instead of trying to win a high school basketball game….

The game tonight with Vandalia vs. Gospel Light will be in honor of Will Zimmerman and the Vikings will really give their all and maybe take an extra shot tonight, to win the game in his honor….

Gospel Light at Vandalia tonight with both girls and boys action ready to get going around 6pm and our best wishes go out to the young Zimmerman kid, as he keeps up his battle with cancer….[#23 Will Zimmerman-Vandalia Christian School Vikings]

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