The word for the day is ‘Weather’ and what’s it going to do???

What is it going to do today???

The ‘weather’ that is….

Are we going to get snowed in, or is the rain going to keep falling and all we will see is a few flakes, later on this afternoon???

*****Here is the headline from the News and Record home page.*****
“Winter storm warning issued for Triad”

Do we see snow and then NO Games on Friday, or does this system just leave us high and wet???

For the public schools we were hearing from the 11 O’clock News last night that there will be NO after-school activities today, including NO games/athletic contests today, but as for the public schools, they didn’t really have many activities scheduled any way, with the Exams still in session and finishing up today and tomorrow…..

I guess even the teams’ practice schedules have been altered to some degree this week, with the exams and all going on….

But, the key word for today is ‘Weather’ and what’s it gonna do???

*****One of the major factors could well be, “what will the roads be like in the morning(Friday), when it comes time to head off to school?”……*****

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