Greensboro Day vs. Wesleyan Christian – LIVE Tonight – 50-40 GDS wins it, to go (27-0)

Andy Durham and Dennis White are On-The-Air LIVE at Greensboro Day School. The game is SOLD OUT and you can only hear it here.


                                 1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   Wesleyan Christian Academy    10    8   12   10    40
   Greensboro Day School         12   11   14   13    50


  1. Only one thing will describe that game tonite and that is GDS tokk it to Wesleyan. All you GDS haters that said they pklay a weak schedule and could not beat GDS let me hear you. There is no way GDS should beat Wesleyan with their talent and height. I dont know who coaches defense at GDS but some college needs to pick him up.

  2. That game tonight was more exciting than most of the college games that I have attended recently. There was enough young talent on the floor tonight to field a competitive D1 mid major college team. I was very impressed with the energy and defensive play of GDS.

  3. congratulations to THE Day School for a well paye game.Great players on the court. One of the most exciting games I have seen all year. Great effor by the Day School.

  4. Exceptional defense by Greensboro Day tonight, as was their work on the boards…

    One of the best games that I have ever seen from Montrell Goldston…That kid can play and what an effort for the Bengals from Darius Moore…..

    Big win and if they win them all they are State Champions….

    Wesleyan beat HPCA and does that now mean that GDS will beat HPCA next Friday???

    That is the next BIG ONE, GDS at HPCA next Friday night…

    Smith at Dudley next Friday night too…

    By the way, that Harry Giles kid can really play too…

    There were some monster dunks tonight in the GDS-WES game….Giles, Christian Hairston, Donovan Gilmore….Some real rim rattlers tonight….

    Very good game and real a great fans game…They had to eating that stuff up and from what I could see, they were….

  5. No matter which coach lost tonight – they were going to get the haters out. I am a GDS supporter but you must give Keith his credit for even having the ability to bring a team like what he has together. Talent does not always win. If talent does not work hard, then it can easily lose to a hard working team. The GDS team simply brought their hard hats and went to work. I am not sure which colleges were in attendence tonight but I would sign Montrell in a heart beat off that performance tonight. He guarded one of the best guards within 2 states, finished in the paint against one of the best front lines in the country, handled the ball with great confidence and he gave 100% on every single play.

  6. That Harry Giles(WES) reminds me for some reason of Jerrod Mustaf….Mustaf former Maryland Terrapin, who was born in Whiteville, North Carolina and went to high school at DeMatha up in Maryland….

  7. A great game indeed. I have been watching GDS for a few years and this might be one of their most impressive performances. They were relentless and tough. Just a gutty performance. Once again the staff at GDS gets their kids to play at their potential. Nothing against the Wesleyan coaches or for that matter any other coaches, but no school consistently gets more out of their players than GDS. Wesleyan looks like a mid major college program with all of that length and the GIles kid will play in the NBA one day barring injury. He is special. I just can’t get past how hard those kids played tonight. They are going to have to do it at least 3 more times because they are going to be out talented against HPC and Wesleyan.

  8. GDS was extremely well coached. Their kids really competed and guarded. They have a great program.

  9. As a random observer at the game, you have to be impressed with the way Greensboro Day played. They beat a more talented team through hard work by the kids and good coaching. It was a great atmosphere for high school hoops. The $5 admission was way better than any movie ticket.

  10. I would agree with Hoops. The $5 ticket to see that game was the deal of the year. Great atmosphere and both schools were well represented.

  11. He had 10 turnovers. Tried to go coast to coast every opportunity he had. Looked for his points, shooting step back threes. Couldn’t run the offense. Couldn’t get the bigs the basketball. Can’t do all of that and have ten turnovers when your team gets 40 points.

  12. GDS will not beat themselves. They have been taught fundamentally sound basketball. It still works well. Even if they don’t have the individual talent to match the other team, the defense and fundamentals make them a better team. Too many coaches try to attract the players by offering an AAU type offense and defense. That works most of the time, but it doesn’t work against the fundamentally sound teams. You don’t have to look any farther than Butler to see that good solid defense and fundamentally sound offense still wins games.

  13. @He blew it

    Are you being serious. Did you go to the same game as the rest of us? Did he play his best game? Absolutely not. But to say the kid cost his team the win is ridiculous. Where did you come up with 10 turnovers? And there were bad shots by guys from both teams. If GDS would have lost would it had been Reggie or Christians fault because they didn’t have their best offensive game. GDS won because they played 8 guys that fought until the end of the game. Had nothing to do with one player. It was all about the way those kids went after it from GDS. They won the only way they could win. By competing at a higher level. But as I said earlier in the week. The most important games are in Febuary not January. Both teams would take a loss now to get a state title.

    Bottom line is give the kid a break. I don’t know him, but he don’t need you telling him he is why they lost. There was a lot more to it than that.

  14. I have no routing interest in either team, and I guess I have slightly more connection to GDS than Wesleyan, but it seems like there should be a policy against calling out individual kids for perceived poor play on here at the high school level. The young man for Wesleyan being referred to should not have to read that garbage until he gets to college. Just an opinion and maybe a naive one.

  15. GDS had great defense and it disrupted what WCA wanted to do. Richmond did not have a good game but he was trying to make something happen out of trying not to lose…. If he would have settled his team down and calmly ran their stuff they would have been fine. It was not one person fault WCA lost but the responsibility is on the coaches and players. Players got out hustled and coaches did not prepare team for GDS intensity and defense. Also you could tell GDS showed more toughness then WCA. Harry is a good player but he is only in 9th grade and too much is on his shoulders. The upper class men must step up and play smart. Guards were leaking out instead of team rebounding. Most of WCA lost was because of rebounding so that tells me that you have to question their toughness or if not that they think they are too good to get dirty.

  16. To “I’m a hater” – you basically said Reggie and Christian were below average for this game and did not have much to do with the outcome since they did not score – really ?? Coach K at Duke would have given the GDS kids a standing obation last night. Reggie got robbed on several “non-calls” after getting smashed on a 3 pt’er and 2 drives to the basket however his defense on Theo the entire game and several gut check defensive plays at the rim against several of WES bigs was outstanding. Christain did not have a big scoring night but he was a clear match up problem for WES on both ends of the floor. He also did a great job controlling the speed of the game and the ball. Reggie and Christain looked more like the future ACC level players to me than the future ACC level talent from WES.

  17. Biggest thing I saw last night was that Weslyn missed all their jump shots. Hard to win off dunks, layups and free throws. Give GDS some credit for that.

  18. @ talent showed up I can’t believe you just said GDS has D1 players on there team. With out a doubt Reggie was a d1 player when he was at Dudley but now smh….. Lol! The Goldston kid deserve a scholarship last night only BUT he’s also not a D1 player but looked good tho. O yea don’t forget GDS starting 5 are 5th seniors, lol. So what the Richmond kid had a bad game he’ll redeem hisself everybody have a bad game @ he blew it.

  19. Yea congrats to GDS! Tell me something do Terry, Goldston have scholarships any where. If not WHY? They are the best out there. So why are they not getting any interest from colleges.

  20. GDS clearly was the better “Team” on the floor Saturday night. They outrebounded, out hustled, out played and out coached WCA all night. The Seniors, Lucas, Hairston, Terry, Dillard & Goldston have received no respect from anyone in High Point all year. Well, now they know who they are. These men, know what it takes to win as a “team”, not as individuals, like WCA. It isn’t about impressing the D1 coaches like I’m a hater says. These are kids who care about listening to their coaches at GDS and getting a quality education in the classroom. They may not go undefeated all year, they may lose at WCA, but they won last night despite all the “haters”, and they won by pure hustle, determination, and GDS fans appreciate that…

  21. Anyone that sez you do not call kids out whether good or bad had better wake up to the reality of sports and the real world. Sports provides opportunity for real world like experiences like no other. The sooner a player learns to deal with both the better they will be later on in life no matter what field they enter. Its no different when watching American Idol. Some may not like it the way Simon and crew have to let kids that their performance stunk because of feelings and emotions that usually follow but the reality is that Hollywood does not give a crap. That may sound harsh but its best to learn how to deal with it now before they reach the next level.

  22. I wouldn’t talk to much about 5th year seniors. Most of WES team has re-classed too. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Also, I think we have too many parent coaches in the stands. Kids don’t know whether to listen to parents or coaches. Instead of calling out the kids, if you want to call out somebody call out some of these crazy, over zealous parents who are ruining the game too. Parents, just support the kids and enjoy the game and let your respective coaches coach.

  23. Steve, you are correct when it comes to playing at the next level. However, educators who understand that this is still interscholastic athletics and what the actual educational purpose of interscholastic athletics is would never call out a high school kid by name for pereived poor play. As soon as they leave high school interscholastics athletics, then all bets are off, but the reality is that they are not yet playing in exchange for something such as a scholarship or play, though I imagine some might claim that a few of these kids are playing on scholarships, but in theory, they are high school kids who do not deserve to be called out on message boards for not playing as well as you think they should. And kids auditioning for American Idol sign up (literally sign up) for the possibility up public ridicule in the mass media. These kids do not.

  24. I think any kid playing on the floor with programs such as WES, GDS or HPC should be able to deal with harsh comments about their performance. Note all comments should be in the context of basketball and respectful. All of these kids have been in the spotlight since they were 8,9 and 10 years old. They have all had “crazy” parents, coachs and fans for and against them for the last 5-10 years. It is the nature of the game and all of these basketball scholarship players may as well get use it. If you don’t perform, then people will talk. If you perform, then people will talk. The bottomline is people will talk regardless so just do your part and show up each game. Those that don’t like you or are fans for the other team will find something to hate you no matter how you play but any coachs evaluating you will play more attend to what you do on the floor because it will help keep them employed.

  25. After such a good game as we saw last night, I don’t really think we need any haters…

    You have to love the way both teams played on Saturday night and part of the low score can be attributed to the excellent defese that GDS was playing…

    Coach K probably would have given GDS a standing ovation for the defense that they playe last night…

    Kind of surprised we haven’t heard from him yet….

    Great game by both teams and the fans did get one whale of a deal, getting a chance to get in and watch that game for just five dollars, that is DEAL….

  26. @ Question: This is a “Team” game. And GDS, as I said in my last post, played Sat night, a solid team game as they have all year. And they have leadership in all phases of the game. All of the their Seniors have leadership qualities on and off the court. This is character, built by Coach Freddy Johnson. Gat, did not prepare his “young” players at all for this game, and it showed last night. GDS, wins on defense, hustle, and they make the big plays(ie, Reggie’s block). They outrebounded WES 41-17, and in the second half, completely wore them down by all the substitutions. GDS plays 10 guys on rotations, WES plays maybe 6. I do not know why everyone keeps bringing up the D1/pro thing, clearly GDS has D1 players…Bottom line is, GDS was the better “team” last night, and looks forward to HPC next week..

  27. Time to show up at practice and tell everybody what you think…

    If you think you can help these kids go offer your services, but we don’t need you to come on here and single one kid out, for how the game turned out….

    They do that on college and pro message boards and not here….

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