Thanks again to Steak n Shake and Crown Trophy(Where are all of these football playing kids going to college?)

We will be on the road again tomorrow as we begin to deliver the Steak n Shake Player of the Game awards for 2012…Huge thanks again as always to Steve Warren and Jane Warren at Steak n Shake and to Norb Burske at Crown Trophy…

We have been doing the Steak n Shake Players of the Game since back in 1998 and every year Jane Warren and Steve Warren at Steak n Shake(Gateway Management) and Norb Burske at Crown Trophy, have been there for us and for the players….

Real nice Steak n Shake plaques from Crown Trophy and the Steak n Shake meal booklets going out to players such as:
TJ Logan
Austin Coltrane
Autsin Simmons
Jordan Putnam
Richard Hayes III
Tray Miller
Reid Baxter
and many others….There are 18 in all and I will stick with the short list for now, since it would be nearly impossible to remember them all….

But we must again say thanks to Steak n Shake(Steve and Jane Warren) and to Crown Trophy(Norb Burske)….

We are lucky to have these fine people working with us here at the site and for the kids/players, this has always been a great deal/reward for them…..

Where are all of the Guilford County football players going for college next year, and how many have already committed to play football in the Fall of 2013….

Know where any of the kids are going??? Let us know here at the site or at……

I’ve heard so far:
TJ Logan to North Carolina
Winston Craig to Richmond
Brian Nwokolo to Charlotte???