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  1. Well its another spank time at SEG! Kea and company is coming to handle their business! SEG will have match up problems and this game could get out of hand as Kea and Kargo use their skills to dissect the lil orange.

  2. Interesting how there is always a reference to Kea and Kargo when Kargo does not show up for the big games. If I recall: haven’t her biggest performances been against schools with losing records (i.e. Northeast & Grimsley). She was not on the All Tournament Team of the Little 4 and looks like Kea carried the load against Southern Alamance.

  3. There you go with the smack talking. You know, good teams and good fans don’t need to talk smack. I see the true colors coming out now. You know Duke went to Uconn last night and got beat by 30 and they were undefeated. So it can happen. Page will have the match up problem not SEG – you have no height and we can stop the outside shot, we have height. This game will come down to who can drive the lane and make the shot.

  4. Expectations should not be as high for the freshmen as they would be for upperclassmen…

    9 times out of 10 your upperclassmen will carry your teams….Freshmen will have their big games on occasion, but the juniors and seniors have to carry your teams if you are going to be successful all the way down the road and into the states….

    Coleman, Johnson, Barnes, Kea all are the upperclassmen and they have been doing their jobs and doing them well to the tune of an unbeaten record, but you have to remember, Kargo is only in the 9th grade and she is still just a kid….And a good kid and player at that, but she is not the core of the team, the Uppperclassmen have to keep on stepping up for Page and as the Falcon stated, it can be tough to carry that Unbeaten load….

    When you are the Unbeaten team and also ranked #4 in the state, you have a target on your back and Page has done a very good job of handling that top spot so far, but it does get tougher and this season they seem to be enjoying the top spot status and handling the pressure well…

    Good luck to both teams tonight and give us s good game and we all look forward to that….

  5. Some may argue, “what the Page boys, they are being led by freshmen and sophomores”…..

    In that case they have no choice, Page does not have large numbers of juniors and seniors, the core of their and their starters are freshmen and sophomores….

    Page boys are building with the youth movement, but the Page girls have experience with 3 seniors and 1 junior….

  6. Its all good lady pirates, you let this game get away from you but its more games left. Now they can focus on the playoffs and the rest of the games this season instead of focusing on going undefeated. Good win for Southeast they needed this win they couldn’t afford to have lost 3 conference games. Let’s Go Pirates!

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