Who are the Top Five Players Ever for Northern Guilford High School?????

Top Five Players Ever for Northern Guilford High School(Northern Guilford Nighthawks Basketball)

Who are the Top Five Players Ever for Northern Guilford High School?????

We started up with this idea/list a few weeks ago and our plan was to keep it rolling again all this week and to try and include every one of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Northern Guilford High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools during the next two-three weeks…

Northern Guilford Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Fairly new school with many names to choose from with Sam Coffer, Amanda Coffer, Molly Tohmaseb, Kelly Tessitore, Jessica Johnson, Vontreese Hayes, Alexis Robinson, Aliyah Grinage, Asia Milton, Gabby Boyd and others..…. That is just a few and now you can give us your TOP Five…Some names to get it rolling….Who are you TOP FIVE?????

Northern Guilford Boys Top Five All-Time?????
Jacob Lawson, Michael Neal, Chris McCain, Jonathan Frye, TJ Logan, Dylan Berry, John McBeth, Daniel Downing, Asad Lamot, or your five you want to leave….Who do you include, any currents????? Who else should be on this list of…Just leaving some names to get you started…..Maybe you have a few more to go along with these…..We could add Patrick Chandler to the list…


  1. It not the fact that this is a new school, the fact is that we never get to see them play good Guilford County school. In basketball, their brief history doesn’t have any marquee games against the better GCS basketball program…..Hard to believe that a GCS school that’s 6 years olds still hasn’t played teams like Page, Dudley, HP Andrew, SW Guilford, SE Guilford…….there history is based on wins over NE Guilford, Ragsdale, Grimsley, NW Guilford and any other weak team in the area……your girls program needs to play the best in order to be the best…..

  2. It will come in time for the NG basketball program…..NG football has been playing Page, Dudley, NWG and otther very tough Guilford County teams….

    It will come and NWG has had a tradition of very talented girls’ teams and it ended up this year they are down…Very good games with NG boys vs. NWG this year….In fact the first girls’ game with NG at NWG was very good…I was at that game it was a battle….

    For the boys all-time team, Berry was always NG, TJ Logan has always been NG, John McBeth was always NG if we can throw in Patrick Chandler, he was always NG and one more and that would give us five, Daniel Downing was always NG…..

    There’s five for you and we could go with that group…..

  3. ANDY,
    That’s my point. They struggled with a NWG team that was 0-6 and had to come from behind. They struggled with a 2-7 Ben L. Smith and got beat. After 6 years you can’t continue to keep dodging all the good girl teams in the area. Yes, the football team took some lumps early playing a strong schedule…..be it has helped them win 3 state championships. They may go 23-1 this regular season and still end their season in round 2, because of how weak their schedule is. They are 17-1 and Maxpreps has them as the 39 best team in the state of NC based on strenght of schedule. You can’t continue to play those bottom feeders of each conference and make a run for a State title…..use the blue print from your football team…..play the best, learn to beat the best and win championships….continue to build a schedule of weak non-conference, knocked out in round 2 or 3.

  4. This is high school basketball. They play their natural rivals Northwest and Northeast. Just a few years ago, these were some of the strongest teams in the area. Your expectations of schedule making are a little unrealistic. You will probably get your wish shortly because Northern keeps growing. Conference alignment will put them in with the bigger schools.

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