High School Conference Races:Some tight, some not so tight

*****All numbers coming in from www.maxpreps.com and will adjust as necessary and look at the girls Metro 4-A, the girls Mid-State 3-A and the boys Mid-Piedmont 3-A in partricular….Very close/tight races at the top…*****

Metro 4-A Girls
Page 14-1-0/5-1-0[Metro]
Southeast Guilford 18-2-0/6-2-0[Metro]
Dudley 12-6-0/5-2-0[Metro]
Southern Alamance 14-3-0/4-2-0[Metro]
Western Guilford 6-9-0/2-5-0[Metro]
Ben L. Smith 7-13-0/2-6-0[Metro]
Grimsley 3-13-0/0-6-0[Metro]

Metro 4-A Boys
Dudley 13-6-0/8-0-0[Metro]
Page 12-5-0/4-1-0[Metro]
Ben L. Smith 9-8-0 0/3-4-0[Metro]
Western Guilford 8-11-0/3-4-0[Metro]
Grimsley 5-12-0/3-4-0[Metro]
Southern Alamance 7-10-0/1-5-0
Southeast Guilford 4-14-0/1-5-0

Piedmont Triad 4-A Boys
Southwest Guilford 17-0-0/6-0-0[Piedmont Triad Conference]
Northwest Guilford 14-5-0/5-2-0[PTC]
High Point Central 9-8-0/3-2-0[PTC]
East Forsyth 9-10-0/4-3-0[PTC]
Ragsdale 9-10-0/3-4-0[PTC]
Glenn 5-12-0/1-5-0
WS Parkland 2-16-0/0-6-0

Piedmont Triad 4-A Girls
Southwest Guilford 12-5-0/6-0-0[Piedmont Triad Conference]
Glenn 5-8-0/2-1-0
Northwest Guilford 7-11-0/4-3-0
East Forsyth 5-13-0/3-4-0
Ragsdale 3-12-0/2-3-0
WS Parkland 3-11-0/0-4-0
High Point Central 0-10-0/0-2-0

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Boys
North Forsyth 15-3-0/4-0-0[Mid-Piedmont Conference]
Northeast Guilford 13-2-0/3-0-0[MPC]
Southern Guilford 7-9-0/2-1-0[MPC]
Asheboro 8-10-0/2-2-0[MPC]
Ledford 7-10-0/1-4-0
Southwestern Randolph 1-16-0/0-5-0

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Girls
Ledford 15-3-0/5-0-0[MPC]
Southwestern Randolph 14-3-0/4-1-0[MPC]
Asheboro 4-11-0/2-2-0[MPC]
Southern Guilford 5-9-0/0-2-0[MPC]
North Forsyth 1-15-0/0-3-0
Northeast Guilford 0-12-0/0-3-0

Mid-State 3-A Boys
Eastern Alamance 14-5-0/8-1-0[Mid-State Conference]
Northern Guilford 7-10-0/5-2-0[MSC]
Morehead 11-5-0/5-3-0[MSC]
McMichael 10-6-0/4-3-0[MSC]
Western Alamance 5-13-0/4-5-0[MSC]
Eastern Guilford 9-8-0/3-5-0[MSC]
Williams 3-13-0/2-6-0
Rockingham County 8-9-0/1-7-0

Mid-State 3-A Girls
Northern Guilford 16-1-0/7-0-0[Mid-State Conference]
Eastern Alamance 15-4-0/8-1-0[MSC]
Eastern Guilford 11-6-0/5-3-0[MSC]
Williams 9-7-0/4-3-0[MSC]
McMichael 4-10-0/3-4-0[MSC]
Rockingham County 10-8-0/3-5-0[MSC]
Western Alamance 2-15-0/1-7-0
Morehead 1-14-0/0-8-0

PAC-6 2-A Boys
Wheatmore 14-2-0/3-0-0[PAC 6]
Randleman 11-5-0/2-1-0[PAC 6]
Trinity 12-2-0/1-1-0[PAC 6]
T.W. Andrews 2-12-0/1-2-0[PAC 6]
WS Atkins 1-13-0/0-2-0
WS Carver 0-11-0/0-1-0

PA-6 2-A Girls
T.W. Andrews 16-1-0/4-0-0[PAC 6]
WS Atkins 7-9-0/2-1-0[PAC 6]
Trinity 6-9-0/2-1-0[PAC 6]
Wheatmore 5-11-0/1-2-0[PAC 6]
Randleman 2-15-0/0-3-0
WS Carver 1-11-0/0-2-0

NCISAA Piedmont Boys
Greensboro Day 30-0-0/5-0-0[Piedmont Conference]
Wesleyan Christian Academy 17-5-0/4-1-0[PC]
High Point Christian Academy 17-5-0/1-3-0[PC]
Calvary Baptist Day 13-8-0/0-2-0
Forsyth Country Day 5-14-0/0-4-0

NCISAA Piedmont Girls
Greensboro Day 24-4-0/5-0-0[Piedmont Conference]
Calvary Baptist Day 14-4-0/1-1-0[PC]
Wesleyan Christian Academy 3-7-0/0-2-0[PC]
High Point Christian Academy 1-6-0/0-1-0
Forsyth Country Day 1-12-0/0-2-0