The teams in the new HS Basketball Polls are in off of the street, with GDS(30-0) and SWG(17-0) boys taking top honors again

High School Basketball Polls for the week of February 1…..
(Let’s take a side-poll, on how you like these polls?)

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(17-0)
2)Northeast Guilford(13-2)
5)Northwest Guilford(14-5)
7)High Point Central(9-8)
9)Eastern Guilford(9-8)
10)Northern Guilford(7-10)
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Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(30-0)
3)High Point Christian(17-5)
4)New Hope Christian(15-6)
5)New Garden Friends School(11-10)
6)Vandalia Christian(15-8)
7)Calvary Baptist(13-8)
8)Bishop McGuinness(9-6)
9)Westchester Country Day(7-9)
10)Caldwell Academy(5-13)

Girls Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Page(15-1)/Southeast Guilford(18-2)
3)TIE:Northern Guilford(17-1)/Dudley(13-6)
5)High Point Andrews(16-1)
6)Southwest Guilford(12-5)
7)Eastern Guilford(11-6)
8)Western Guilford(6-9)
9)Southern Guilford(7-9)
10)TIE:Northwest Guilford(7-11)/Smith(7-13)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian(23-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(24-4)
3)New Garden Friends School(26-4)
4)Bishop McGuinness(10-6)
5)Calvary Baptist(14-4)
6)Vandalia Christian(11-7)
7)Caldwell Academy(12-10)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-10)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-10)

Boys Combined Poll:
2)Southwest Guilford(17-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(13-2)
8)Northwest Guilford(14-5)
10)High Point Central(9-8)


  1. Yes I pushed the print button too early and just kept working on it….

    All should be close now…

    MaxPreps had Dudley at 7 losses but they were counting the Page loss twice, on JAN 18 and 30, original date and make-up date….Got that fixed and will still need to check and see if Lady Panthers at 13 or 12 in win column..

    Checking now and will adjust…The losses in a-row have knocked Dudley down, even though both real close in OT and with late run vs. Page….

  2. Thanks Andy,
    Still have to disagree with the tie at #3. A team like Dudley gets punished for playing a very hard and demanding schedule….just check those 6 loses…Hillside 15-2, Myers Park 18-0, Page 15-1, Reidsville 17-0, Southern Alamance 14-3 and West Forsyth 15-2……find just one quaility win for Northern Guilford… the end of the season they may end up #1 in your poll and only faced #10 Eastern Guilford…..while some great basketball matchups are being played out in gyms all across Guilford County…they are 17-1 and Maxpreps ranks them 39th in the state for having such a weak schedule. Wow

  3. I agree with you in a lot of ways…Dudley just needs a big win right now and I think that would cure many of the ailments…

    I won’t sneak a peak, but I think that they have Reidsville tonight and then SEG at home on Tuesday…That would sure do it….

    We had Dudley tied for #1 until the two most recent losses and those two losses were to very tough teams….

    Friday and Tuesday and time to get to work…Davis and Abraham were down a bit vs. Page on Tuesday and I want to see them pull their game back up…I like their game and they were on a mission last Friday night vs. Smith….

  4. I still do not know why the Nighthawks girls are not ranked #1 in these polls. 17-1. Our coach Furlough should be coach of the year and Amanda Cofer player of the year.

  5. Thanks……..NG, apparently you don’t believe that strenght of schedule has anything to do with being a great Coach or having a great team…..Ragsdale, Northwest, Northeast, Asheboro, Lexington, but if they would just play some of the upper level teams around Greensboro, folks might pull for this team a little more. 39th ranked in the state, that’s why you will never be ranked number one…….just ask Ben L. Smith.

  6. What do you have against NG? It is obvious that you don’t think they have a tough schedule. They still are 17-1. They play 14 conference games, 3 at the Little Four and 2 with Northwest. That leaves 5 other non conference games left. How do you know that the other so called strong teams have room on their schedule? Other than a handful of schools, how do you know who will be strong from year to year? NG has a solid program and they have a good group of kids. That should be good enough.

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