Game Report: Christ School vs Greensboro Day – Varsity Boys

Christ School – 91
Greensboro Day – 84

Non conference game

                           1st  2nd  3rd  4th  OT  Final
   Christ School           19   10   23   27   12    91
   Greensboro Day School   15   15   17   32    5    84

Greensboro Day School (30-1) (5-0 Conference)
Bryan Rouse- 8
Montrel Goldston- 10
Darius Moore- 7
Reed Lucas- 8
Christian Hairston- 5
Reggie Dillard- 23
Jonathan Terry- 21
Tervor Mayo- 2

Christ School (24-6)
Jaylen Allen- 31
Timmy Walker- 8
Alec Wnuk- 14
DJ Harvey- 3
Shannon Hale- 14
Jon Elmore- 21

Submitted by Katie Watson


  1. Not a good night for GDS. A very poor defensive effort. They gave up layups and backdoors all night. Very out of character for them. Looked as if they were not ready to play. All that being said they still almost won. Exciting game. Down 7 or 8 with less than a minute to play and sent it to OT. They may be the new “Cardiac Kids”!! Hoping they play better at Wesleyan on Tuesday.

  2. First loss for the Bengals, and it came on an off night, against a team they should have and can beat..Silver lining, they came back after being down, and fought hard..Great comeback again, and if Montrell and Reggie don’t foul out, the game may be different. All in all, maybe this is a good thing the Bengal’s lose going into the two High Point games and Conference/State tournament..Pressure is off, go play…

    Proud of you guys!

  3. I don’t think it’s ever a good time to lose. I would prefer a close lost and take me listens from there. I was not at the game but I did not see the kid from Greensboro that plays for Christ School in the scores. Does that kid still play for Christ? I thought his name was Josh Level or something like that.

  4. Josh Level now at New Garden Friends School and they will be playing at Vandalia Christian School on Monday night at 7PM…Bears(NGFS) vs. the Vikings(VCS)…

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