High School high scorers from our most recent games(WED-Friday)

Here we go on a list that we will be adding to throughout the day and the weekend…Boys cut-off for this one at 18 points and the girls number will be 15…

Boys high scorers:
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 40 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 28 points
JT Williams(Smith) 27 points
Anthony Eaves(Page) 26 points
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) 25 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 23 points
Rayshaun Mayfield(Grimsley) 23 points
Reggie Dillard(Greensboro Day School) 23 points
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop McGuinness) 23 points
Marcus Curry(Northern Guilford) 22 points
John Terry(GDS) 21 points
Daniel Kanakanui(Ragsdale) 20 points
Austin Lewis(Western Guilford) 20 points
Houston Miller(Vandalia Christian) 20 points
DJ Chamblee(SWG) 19 points
Cody Hylton(Northwest Guilford) 19 points
Nick Powell(NWG) 19 points
Joseph BryantRagsdale) 18 points
Carmoni Marks(WG) 18 points
Cody Hylton(NWG) 18 points
Mike Bass(Southeast Guilford) 17 points
Diandre Overton(SEG) points
Josh Crutchfield(SEG) 17 points
Jarrett Holland(Ragsdale) 16 points

Girls high scorers:
Keniece Purvis(New Garden Friends School) 24 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 24 points
Paris Kea(Page) 21 points
Keniece Purvis(NGFS) 21 points
Julia Brown(Bishop McGuinness) 20 points
Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford) 17 points
Gabby Boyd(NG) 17 points
Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford) 18 points
Aeriel Ellis(Southern Guilford) 16 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 16 points
Paris Kea(Page) 15 points
Hailey Barber(Northwest Guilford) 15 points
Bailey Kargo(Page) 15 points
Karima Dean(Western Guilford) 15 points
Selena Lozada(WG) 15 points