High School Basketball high scorers for boys and girls this week

Here is what we so far this week and I will have to add in the Wednesday totals for many of our teams later on, many News and Record papers were not delivered today or parts of the papers were missing(Sports Section) and sounds like somebody shut down the Buffet Table, down on Market Street, this morning…I will find those missing numbers, I am on a mission and I just saw Dan Akroyd and John Belushi driving down Benjamin Parkway…

Numbers we have so far with Girls cut-off at 12 points and boys at 15 points….

Girls high scorers:
Hollie Boggs(Southern Alamance) 25 points
Keniece Purvis(NGFS) 24 points
Kelsie Strickland(NEG) 23 points
Dinah Neal(NEG) 20 points
Kalena Morris(Southern Guilford) 20 points
Allie Mancuso(Caldwell) 20 points
Hannah Houser(Caldwell) 19 points
Amanda Coffer(Northern Guilford) 18 points
Ronata Rogers(Greensboro Day School) 18 points
Caroline Sherwood(GDS) 17 points
Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford) 16 points
Briana Burgins(SWG) 16 points
Olivia DeFrancesco(Bishop McGuinness) 16 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 15 points
Valerie Henderson(NEG) 15 points
Shaylen Burnett(SA) 15 points
Kayla Johnson(Page) 14 points
Kennedy Porter(Southwest Guilford) 14 points
Chavon Stallings(SG) 14 points
Ayana Rivers(SWG) 14 points
LeeAysia Williamson(Eastern Guilford) 14 points
Allie Mancuso(Caldwell) 14 points
Leigh Tyson(Westchester) 14 points
Brandi Burrell(Northwest Guilford) 13 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 13 points
Kennedy Porter(SWG) 13 points
Aliyah Grinage(NG) 13 points
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 12 points
Ayana Rivers(SWG) 12 points
Jordan Quick(Ragsdale) 12 points
Toni Tucker(NWG) 12 points
Tamera Thorpe(GDS) 12 points
Alex Putnam(Bishop) 12 points
Addy Hargett(Vandalia Christian) 12 points
Hailey Chandler(SG) 12 points

Boys high scorers:
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 39 points
Cody Hylton(Northwest Guilford) 34 points
Sadeeq Bello(Westchester) 27 points
Houston Miller(VCS) 27 points
Sadeeq Bello(WCD) 26 points
Terrell Leach(SWG) 25 points
Lucas Bouknight(Grimsley) 24 points
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 23 points
Ty Graves(Page) 22 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 22 points
Houston Miller(Vandalia) 22 points
Jaqwan McCauley(Southern Guilford) 21 points
Isaiah Gill(High Point Christian) 21 points
Isaiah Manderson(New Garden) 21 points
Nick Powell(NWG) 20 points
Edrick Roberts(MAC) 20 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 19 points
Germain Pratt(High Point Central) 19 points
Mike Kobani(HPCA) 19 points
Omar Sananas(American Hebrew) 19 points
Theo Pinson(Wesleyan) 18 points
Stevon Davis(SG) 17 points
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop) 17 points
Josh Burton(WCD) 17 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 16 points
Anthony Eaves(Page) 15 points
Mohammed Tijani(NEG) 15 points
Kanayo Obi-Rapu(NGFS) 15 points