High School Softball players to be keeping an eye on as practice gets started on Wednesday

Just looking back over a few names from our lists from last year and beyond and we will post a few of the girls softball names for now and go back and more later on this evening…Ready to add more names as you send them in…(Most of the schools don’t have this year’s or last year’s rosters listed at MaxPreps, but a few do….

Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford)
Brianna Webb(Southeast Guilford)
Celeste Sheppard(Southeast Guilford)

Morgan Coleman(Northwest Guilford)

Haley Green(Page)

Sydney Olszewski(Western Guilford)
Brooke Pegram(Western Guilford)

Lexie Vanada(Northern Guilford)
Ashton Dobbins(Northern Guilford)


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