Game Report/Media Summary on Northwest Guilford-East Forsyth boys tonight


1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
EAST FORSYTH	     15		        14		15		20
NORTHWEST GUILFORD   11		         6		14		21

EAST FORSYTH 12-11; 7-4
D. Wood 13; T. Hairston 12; L. Curry 12; D. Cone 10; C. Hinton 6; A. Vance 5; R. LaRue 4; B. Childress 2

Cody Hylton 22; Nick Powell 17; Colson Everett 8; Kris Keefer 3;Josh Beitz 2

–East Forsyth was able to control a battle of wills versus Northwest Guilford from start to finish to pull out a 64-52 victory over the Vikings in a Piedmont-Triad 4-A Conference game.
–Cody Hylton led Northwest with 22 points and Nick Powell also contributed 17 points towards the Vikings’ effort.
–D. Wood led the Eagles’ overall team effort with 13 points while East Forsyth put three other players in double figures.

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

2 thoughts on “Game Report/Media Summary on Northwest Guilford-East Forsyth boys tonight

  1. East can win the conference tournament if we continue to play like we did last night. Southwest is will be tough but we can beat them by playing physical D. Northwest is soft and don’t like contact. They have two players that pouted and jogged back on defense everytime they made a mistake or got bumped. The rest of the Piedmont 4a is not very good.

  2. East was more prepared for NW last night for sure. They still weren’t that impressive. One thing for certain, the officiating in Guilford county is terrible! Refs anticipate calls on players when they assume that the player can’t make an athletic play. Any player would get fed up with being hacked and hammered all season and not getting any calls. NW gets a bad rap and it would appear that demographics have something to do with that.

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