Bishop McGuinness’s Aaron Toomey making winning basket in Amherst Thriller

No. 2 Amherst Men’s Basketball vs. No. 3 Middlebury 3OT Thriller

The Amherst men’s basketball won an absolute thriller at Middlebury last night, 104-101. It was a 3OT game between the #2 and #3 teams in Division III with the regular season NESCAC title on the line. The first video clip is the one of the greatest plays we’ve ever seen at this level, coming at the end of OT2: with Amherst down by three and 2 seconds left, Middlebury fouled senior Willy Workman instead of letting him attempt a potentially game-tying three-pointer. He made the first free throw then intentionally missed the second, got his own rebound and scored to tie it. The second clip is junior point guard Aaron Toomey hitting the winning three-pointer in final seconds of the third OT after Middlebury had the chance to take the lead at the free throw line but missed the first of two. Let’s Go Jeffs!