One more look back at the ‘Baseball List’ and practice STARTS TODAY!

84 names on this list and high school baseball PRACTICE is supposed to start today and some/a few teams may be Indoors today….I’m sure we have left a few names off of this list, so why don’t you send the rest of the key players’ names our way…….

From High Point Andrews(Randy Norris) and he will get this list started, as a starting pitcher today/tonight…And we also have from HP Andrews:
Nick Chadmon
Qualin Price
Justin Lea
Christian Wilcotts
Blake Compton
Damarius Crawford
Cody Jones
Ryan Williams
Devon Underwood
*****Plus all of these players and more arriving soon….*****

Will Johnson(High Point Central)
Josh Wilson(High Point Central)
Tyler Wilson(High Point Central)
Trevor Gay(High Point Central)
Colin Fowler(High Point Central)
Lucas Hess(High Point Central)
The ace pitcher from HP Central…(Hansen Butler)

Lots of HP Central players in honor of Greg Johnson, our ole’ Central sports man that died back in December and this year, Paul Douglas will have to keep us informed….

Elijah Harris(Dudley)….I know we will have some Dudley players to add to the list even though they lost Corey Kimber, Brandon Burkes, Rick Powell and more…

Adam Foster(Western Guilford)
John Iorio(Western Guilford)
Reid Flippin(Western Guilford)
Nino Marrero(Western Guilford)
Keith Anderson(Western Guilford)
Andrew King(Western Guilford)

Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford)

Austin Peoples(Northeast Guilford)
Jacob Watkins(Northeast Guilford)
Calen Canady(Northeast Guilford)
Tyler Mericka(Northeast Guilford)
Austin Elmore(Northeast Guilford)

Adam Swim(Northwest Guilford)
Colson Everett(Northwest Guilford)
Greyson Evans (Northwest Guilford)
Jackson Bellenkes (Northwest Guilford)
Jesse Juday (Northwest Guilford)
Marcus Shoemaker (Northwest Guilford)
Hunter Allen(Northwest Guilford)
Richie Sanfillipo(Northwest Guilford)

Camden Ball(Southern Guilford)
Evan Edwards(Southern Guilford)

Colin Lipke(Ragsdale)
Matt Horkey(Ragsdale)
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Zach Hodges(Ragsdale)…He might be gone, but he is on my early list, in a guess.)
Ceasar Trejo(Ragsdale)

Matt Orth(Southwest Guilford)…..Might be wrong, but should be the TOP player in the area this season…..
Austin Zente(Southwest Guilford)
Andrew Bullock(Southwest Guilford)
Matt ‘Doc’ Dale(Southwest Guilford)
Zach Saylor(Southwest Guilford)
Justin Nuttle(Southwest Guilford)

Ryan Hackett(Eastern Guilford)
Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford)
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford)
Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford)

Jordan Putnam(Page)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Nick Schofield(Page)
Brandon Nall(Page)

Jake Simpson(Grimsley)
Kyle Smith(Grimsley)
Garrison Stafford(Grimsley)
Cole Leonard(Grimsley)
Zach LaBranche(Grimsley)

Cody Ezzell(Southeast Guilford)
Ryne Stanley(Southeast Guilford)
Carmine Pagano(Southeast Guilford)
Josh Blackwell (Southeast Guilford)
Zach Canada (Southeast Guilford)
Cameron Gardner (Southeast Guilford)
Devon Sweet (Southeast Guilford)
Will Greene(Southeast Guilford)

Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance)
Blake Deatheridge(Western Alamance)

Zack Littel(Eastern Alamance)

Houston Miller(Vandalia Christian School)

Clay Young(Caldwell Academy)

Myles Sowell(Westchester Country Day School)
Markel Johnson(WCD)
Donnie Sellers(WCD)
Nate Blakeney(WCD)
Tyler Marion(WCD)
Tyler Chilton(WCD)

*****Add some to this list for us and we will try and add in more names…Sorry for any teams or names that I left off or out….*****


  1. Throw out a few of the newer ones and let others touch base on the rest…

    Coach Chris Eggers 1st year at Grimsley
    Coach White 1st year at Northeast Guilford
    Coach ‘Nat’ Norris 2nd year at Hig Point Andrews
    Coach Morgan 3rd or 4th year at High Point Central
    Coach White 2nd year at Eastern Guilford
    Coach Scott Davis at Wesleyan
    Coach Gessell at HPCA
    Coach Luke Oates at Vandalia…..
    and there is a bunch more and those are a few of the newer coaches and some from the private schools….

  2. Does Hodges have a brother??? Somebody has a brother on that team from the previous days….

    Lipke could be man, but if not who are the other six???

  3. No, Zack doesn’t have a brother. And there is Ben Fischer, Niko Orphanedes, and Kenen Lynn are a few more to watch out for on the Tigers team.

  4. We were hearing that news on Matt Orth last week when we first hit this post and that is bad news for Matt and the Cowboys…

    Maybe it was Horkey that had a younger brother, maybe not….Duncan and Walt Sparks and was that it??? We know Walt is three years now at Richmond, but he was at Ragsdale and part of that brother connection for the Tigers….

  5. Matt Horkey has a younger brother Ben who is also a good player; I believe he is a sophomore this year. Tough Piedmont 4A this year could go to anybody… Ragsdale, HPC, East Forsyth, SWG, NWG, maybe even Glenn if they can get it going. A lot of good players in this area. Looking forward to the season!!

  6. Tigers,

    You must be a high school player.. If not your a complete idiot!. The kid can play if he is playing for Bankhead and the Golden Spikes. Who ar you anyways…

  7. There is another Hodges on the team but no relation to Zach…Avery Hodges is a junior and will catch and see some time on the mound. Was the starter behind the plate last year.

    Lipke is a sophomore and started every game at second base last year as a freshman. Was solid all year in the field and struggled some at the plate, but will be much improved this year.

    Sparks back after missing last year after surgery. Will be a welcome addition at the plate.

    Only lost two starters from last year’s team. Matt Horkey, a junior, is a two year staring pitcher, while younger brother, Ben, a sophomore, saw limited varsity action last year. Solid infielder.

    Cesar Trejo, sophomore and Niko Orfanedes, junior, started all year at third and short last year. Ben Fischer, a junior, was superb in centerfield and with the bat.

    Bryson Harrald, outfielder; Kennan Lynn and Tim Ambrose, pitchers and Brandon Walker, outfielder are also back from last year.

    Joe Pantuso, who started in the outfield last year, is still recovering from knee surgery from an injury suffered during football season.

    Tough news on Matt Orth. He will definitely be missed by the Cowboys, but Coach Reid Holmes will have his team ready and they will still be solid. Good luck to Matt in his rehab.

    PTC will be an exciting Conference once again this year.

  8. Unfortunately Bazela is right, the Spikes program costs allot of money and with that program money is what matters. Favoritism is played to make the program look stronger than what it is and development only consists with what you can pay for…..
    Secondly, why dont we call this the board for daddy’s to promote their kids…..

  9. well to say that the statement is true have money you can play. baseball isnt where it was 15-20 years ago you have to pay to play and the less fortunate kids are forced to play with teams where some players are not good. but usually that kid turns out to be pretty good because they have to work a little see on most teams. so the money part is a big issue and as you know those kids that play on those teams where it cost a arm and a leg ,some want make their hs team and some or most are not that good.its the money and reason why they play on those teams.sorry to say that

  10. dont they have 3or4 kids from caldwell academy that were not allowed to come back to school for some reason or another?they are not kids that came through the system or that high school. thats the word on the streets.

  11. Coach Bozarth would know about Caldwell and he is a NEG-grad that has a very good job with that Caldwell program and the site here is all about promoting the kids, that is the reason for the Sports season…Trying to get kids the chance to be seen and heard of….

    We help put P.J. Hairston on the map here 4-5 years ago and look at him now and doing real good for himself in hoops at UNC….

    We can’t do it all, but we try and we do help….All of those interviews we do with the kids while they are in high school helps prepare them for college….

    Hit the baseball fields hard today….The way the weather looks, you should have a great day to be out doors and take full advantage of it….

  12. Andy,
    You have done a great job with this website to help promote the athletes in this area! Keep up the good work!!

  13. 2 names missing from Northeast are returning seniors left handed pitcher Tyler Mericka and infielder Austin Elmore

  14. Piedmont Triad will be the toughest baseball conference in the state this year…..better than CPC better than Southwestern….and far better than the Metro…..

  15. Page also has a lot of seniors returning

    Qushon Morgan
    Zach Sutphin
    Tommy Rapp
    Eric Kelly
    Andrew Lamore

    all these kids can play. thay have been together for a while now. they are a team everyone needs to keep an eye on this year

  16. Sanfillipo did move to NW from Caldwell and is playing baseball. The center fielder from Caldwell transferred to High Point Christian.

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