Final Scores from Inaugural Middle School All-Star Game at Smith HS(Rosters below)

Final scores
East 44
West 37

West 82
East 66

$5 admission for adults, $3 for students, 5 and under free. Girls start at 6pm and boys at 7:30……

Inaugural Middle School All-Star Game in Guilford County


EAST GIRLS (white)
Katlyn Dillard

Lashonda Carelock

Jewel Tinsley

Erin Jeffers

Campbell Kargo

Teara Johnson

Nokomis Williams

Kelly Lomax

Cameron Martin

Amari Jackson
Coach: Joyce Spruill

WEST GIRLS (black)
Shaniya Jenkins

Sandra Womack

Jazmine Wilson

Sami Furlough

Amanda Nicolas

Tea Medley

Sha’chia Shalem
Home School

LaShonda Monk

N’tia McCutcheon
Home School

Joniah Hines
Coach Lora Smith

WEST BOYS (navy)
Eric Williams

Kameron Langley
Southwest Middle

Patrick Connor
Southern Middle

Hendon Hooker
Southwest Middle

Jalen Spicer

Reggie Davis

Bryce Gilmore

Travon Mayo

Thomas Hennigan

Jordan Twyman
Southwest Middle

Derek Brandon
Coach Chris Collins

EAST BOYS (white)
Brendon Austin
Greensboro Day

Jordan Perkins
Greensboro Day

Miles White
Allen Middle

Jeremiah Praylor
Northeast Middle

Trevor Benton
Northeast Middle

Zane Minkins
Guilford Middle

Brion Seagraves

Mehki Speller
Northeast Middle

Lamont Smith

Josh Hopkins

David Funderburg
(not playing)
Coach John Newman/ Stewart Reaves

14 thoughts on “Final Scores from Inaugural Middle School All-Star Game at Smith HS(Rosters below)

  1. Why not? It’s good for those kids. They work hard just like high schoolers. I think it’s a great idea. Though I see a few reclassed 8th graders on the list. Not sure that’s fair. But all in all I think it’s good for those kids to get some recognition and to be a part of something like that.

  2. All the street agents will be at this game. AAU, Private School coaches, Public School coaches… Selling Dreams

  3. Good for them!

    Congrats to Kelly Lomax, became 2nd all-time scorer this year and the whole team. Won conference by going undefeated 14-0. Beating Northeast, Southern, Mendenhall, Allen, Jamestown, Eastern, Kernodle, Northwest and a tough Southwest team twice in final week. Special group of girls who we are looking forward to seeing play in High School in a few years. Go Nighthawks!

  4. I also think it is unfair that the reclassified 8th graders are allowed to participate in this. Most people don’t realize that if you reclassify you cannot be in any of the National All-Star games as a high school player so for this inaugural game it is really not fair to the players who were not chosen because of players that are allowed to play on a middle school team at a high school and that same schools junior varsity team.

  5. Amazing that they are doing an all star game for little kids. It will be a showcase for ego-maniac parents and kids, leach AAU coaches, and leach high school recruiters. Any high school coach who shows up should be embarrassed.

    Just for the organizers information, Westchester is not in Guilford County.

  6. Just so you know. I coach at one of these middle schools. A public one. And we were not informed about this game until late last week. We were also not contacted to give opinion on players like it states in the post. We were just told by the AD that two of our players were selected. It isn’t sanctioned by guilford county. We were told a few local fathers chose players. Anyways, best of luck to the players. I hope they use this game for fun rather then to get “recruited”

  7. This is a great opportunity for the kids and obviously a well desired event since it is the coachs that nomiated these kids (not parents or fans). Those that don’t like it can and should just stay away from it. Some of these bloggers sound like a few parents that their kid did not make it. Remember this is for kids not parents. Parents can cheer not play. Middle school basketball is just as important as high school basketball for those that watch and play the game. These kids will have their day in the “bigger” spotlight next year but let them have their special day today and just enjoy the moment.

  8. Good way for the kids to have some fun on a Saturday night and kids love to hang out together and they love to play basketball, so this makes for a great night for them…Win-win situation….

    We have Guilford County ocaches that have kids on the teams and I am sure that they are proud and so are all of the parents and coaches who have kids on these teams…

    Always good to get in an extra game at the end of the season…

    How is this any different than the All-Star games that we see for the Recreation leagues in baseball…They have them in the Summer and many do it with basketball too…

    I don’t think this is a new thing overall, it just hasn’t been done on the school level previously, with this age group….

    I think the organiziers had to work hard to oome up with the teams, so that was no easy task and sometimes at the end of the year, the coaches don’t want to fool with coming up with players for a post-season team or anything that deals with post-season for that matter…The coahes have put the uniforms, equipment and whistles away and they are done with it for another year/season…This could leave the orgnaizers scrambling to put their teams together and you have to try and balance out the squads and therefore you might have kids from the same school, playing on different All-Star teams….

    Those kids will be loving it on Saturday night and if they are having fun in a safe environment, that sounds like a good deal to me….

    Good luck to kids and have fun and enjoy your experience….Playing on the ‘BIG’ court at Smith, “O Ye-ah’……And you might see Coach Clarence Waddell in the house…That again, sounds like a good deal to me….

    Have some fun….

  9. I’m sure we will get some conflicting reports and opinions, but the key will still be, “Have Some Fun With It”…..

  10. OMG,

    You make no sense please stop posting. If you are a HS or AAU coach you better be in the building. Your incoming freshman may go to another school if it looks like you dont support them. HS coaches dont let OMG lead you down the wrong path.

  11. Unfortunatley the culture surrounding sports now is as a player and parent look out for number one, if things aren’t going well bounce to another team, don’t work through it and earn a spot, cut a deal somewhere else. High school coaches should never recruit middle school kids. They are just that,kids. Don’t give them and their parents a big head by recruiting them. A large majority of middle school superstars stop working because they think they have arrrived as players and they don’t end up being stars in high school. A few do but many don’t. We have lost sight of what sports are about. I am sure “Hoops” won’t understand this post but that’s his problem. I am sure many of the participants will go on to high school expecting special treatment because they were middle school “all stars”. When they don’t get it because they got outworked by an non-all star or they didn’t grow anymore or they can’t handle high school academics and eligibility rules they will begin bouncing around from school to school and eventully blame their failure on their high school coach. At least they can tell their grandchildren they were a middle school “all star”. I hope they all go on to accomplish much more than that. Good luck with the game and don’t worry, I won’t be there.

  12. For the fun of the game we are going to let the kids enjoy the game and let any other issues be settled off the of the court and not in here…

    “Have Some Fun and Enjoy the Game on Saturday Night”…..

    Again, good for the kids and have some Fun over at Smith tomorrow night….

    *****We did not orgnize this event, we are just tying to get the word out about the event and to promote the kids and their game.*****

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