Who’s looking at Leach?(Terrell Leach Southwest Guilford boys basketball)

Here is what we have so far and we have been picking this info up during our visits with the Southwest Guilford coaching staff….

Who’s looking at Leach???

So far we have looking at Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford HS), who is averaging right at 30 points a game for the SWG boys basketball team….

Looking at Leach:
University of Virginia
Winston-Salem State
N.C. A&T
High Point University

*****You could probably throw in several smaller schools as well, but that is the list as we see it today and it will be growing, as the Cowboys and Leach keep on going, now at (23-0) on the season….If we need to change or adjust the list on ‘Who’s Looking at Leach’, we will, as the next few days and weeks go by…..*****

+++++Good to see UVA on that list and I’d to see some other ACC schools hop on board….Maybe Wake Forest, things have gone pretty well with local C.J. Harris(Mount Tabor/East Forsyth HS) playing over there….+++++


  1. I have now seen them both and we may have to say that Christian Hairston had the STRONGEST Dunk of the Year, but Terrell Leach has certainly had the most Dunks of the Year and the greatest variety of Dunks this season….I Have seen at least 10 Dunks by Leach in person and his baseline dunks of off the KJ Langley passes are the best in the state this season….What Leach is doing at 6’0 is unreal….

    Hairston with the best ‘Throw-Down’, but Leach by far with the most dunks and the best overall dunks thiis Year…Show me someone with more dunks than Leach and I want to shake his or her hand and I have not seen it all, but I didn’t miss much….

  2. Yes,that dunk was amazing but Terrell has posterized almost every opoenet he’s played he is only 5’11 and hairston is 6’7 c’mon now you can’t compare those two that’s over half a foot of heigh diffrent terrell is the best dunked in our county
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B85Iq4zcmGE look at this under the leg dunk terrell is an athlete he is the most underratted player in the NATION! and I would take him over any public school kid in NC other than Hicks,even the Martin and Hatfield twins..Terrell is the best basketball player you’ve never heard of.

  3. Just imagine if Terrell Leach had went to GDS, or HPC or WES, if he had one more year left, to show the “major” D-1 schools what he really has, because you are right, he is the “best basketball player you’ve never heard of”..And that is sad..He should have went to one of the PACIS schools and re-graded, it would have done him some good, academically as well…I agree with you, great dunker and creates well and can score…Would have loved to see him for another year…

  4. that dunk against alvah (AJ) was clearly a charge… but as usual the defensive player gets no love around here….offense sells tickets , defense win championship ..IJS

  5. There is no question Leach is the best player that Guilford County has seen in a LONG time…..this includes LaRue, Whitt, Haywood, Graves, Swinton, P.J., or anybody else you want to put in that category. And to say he is 6’0″ is a stretch to say the least….most athletic player I have ever seen.

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