Big Day on Sunday for Nin Marrero(Western Guilford HS) as UNCG tops Army in baseball, 8-5

Big Day for Benigno/Nin Marrero(Western Guilford HS) on Sunday as the UNCG Spartans topped the Black Knights of Army, in baseball, at the UNCG Spartans Stadium…

Nin Marrero went 3-3 with an RBI for UNCG and it was a big day for the former Hornet, who was coached in high school by Chris Causey and now he is being instructed by Link Jarrett at UNCG…

Another local baseball product, Zac McAneney, from Western Alamance, scored three runs for the Spartans as they overcame the men from the ‘Banks of the Hudson’ and the three runs by McAneney really proved to be the difference, as UNCG wins by three, 8-5….

*****Marrero has been playing at second base and McAneney in the outfield for the Spartans, here early in the season….*****

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