ACC Men’s Hoops Today with the ‘Granddaddy of them all’ at 4pm….State at Carolina:There’s only one and this is IT!

The GREATEST Matchup in all of college basketball is this afternoon at 4pm in Chapel Hill..The history of this game can not be topped….This is ‘THE ONE’ and there is no other…..You have to get ready for this one, STATE AT CAROLINA and there is nothing else like it….Best basketball battle in all of college basketball….Never seen nothing like this and TODAY is the Day…..4pm and mark it down, somebody is going down in Chapel Hill today daddy…..(I will be tuned in on my car radio)…That is the only chance that N.C. State has to win….Must listen on the car radio…..What station, pretty sure it WSJS 600AM…When the game gets going, your mind is only on ‘The Game’, everything else is in the background…..Get ready for ‘raised on the radio’, N.C. State vs. North Carolina today at 4pm….Must go bro audio……

from secondary affiliate,

Clemson @ Maryland
College Park, Md.
12:00 PM

Miami @ Wake Forest
Winston-Salem, N.C.
1:00 PM

NC State @ North Carolina
Chapel Hill, N.C.
4:00 PM