Big Day in the ACC as Wake Forest upsets #2 Miami and Carolina flys by NC State in the second half in Chapel Hill

Wake Forest 80, Miami 65….Huge upset win by the Wake Forest Demon Deacons today….Biggest upset in the ACC and possibly in the entire Nation this season….

North Carolina 76, NC State 65
Good job PJ Hairston with 13 for the Heels and huge day especially in the second half for freshman Marcus Paige, he was schooling Lorenzo Brown and State’s C.J. Leslie was a total non-factor in this game….I do shoulder and take most of the blame for the loss….I was listening on the radio and then went inside a store and State was up by 4 and then I came out and State was down by 8 points….Should have stayed in the car…Can’t trust those people in the store….State will be back, we hope….

For the Heels win though, you are supposed to win on your home court….Right?

Maryland 72, Clemson 59


  1. Or for Carolina you’re supposed to beat State on any floor. What is it for Roy 20-22 over Nc State now?

  2. Well I guess the State fans will still make an excuse on why they lost. I guess it was the ref’s fault, right.

  3. As far as I can see both teams won on thier home court so I’m not sure how Carolina fans can talk much trash

  4. Let’s see… where to begin?

    Because…. This was supposed to be one of the best teams for State College in some time and it is a down year for UNC. AND because Pack Pride type State Fans EARNED a lot of vitriol for the Wolfpack. AND State College is actually good this year so it is a good win for UNC. Oh yeah … AND ahead of The Wolfpack in the ACC standings (for now).

  5. Best State College team of all was in 1974 and best Chapel Hill College team of all was in 1982….

    State from ’74 plays Carolina from ’82 and State will win by 10….

    Nuff said and Duke doesn’t even have a horse in this race….

    I have been studying these trends since 1968, I am ‘The Man’ in the know and I am always glad to share my hoops knowledge with everyone…

    ‘Basketball Man’, telling it like it is….

  6. you are right andy-lets see what they have for ncaa tournament-wake forest biggest upset of the year-gotta love it

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