Wesleyan Trojans NCISAA 3-A State CHAMPIONS:WES 59, GDS 49

CLICK HERE for the News and Record report from Tim Donelli(Charlotte Observer)…..From the High Point Enterprise(Michael Lindsay) Wesleyan takes State Crown, CLICK HERE..

Wesleyan 59
Greensboro Day School 49

*****WES Trojans led by JaQuel Richmond, Theo Pinson, Trey Chapman, Harry Giles and Michael Buckland are your State Champions…*****

WES 50 – GDS 35 – 3:19 remaining in the 4th

25-24 WES with 5:24 to go in the third quarter….

Game now at 15-15, GDS-WES, with 6 minutes to go in the first half…Second Quarter udate

End of 1st Q”
WES 15, GDS 10….

9-2 WES over Greeensboro Day School with about 4:30 to go in the first quarter at Providence Day in Charlotte…

Wesleyan up in the 4th Qtr

Live Streaming – http://triad.news14.com/content/live_stream2/654183/news-14-carolina-live-stream


  1. What a great win for the Wesleyan team and Coach Gatlin. It was well deserved! The student section was loud and supportive. I see more championships in the future. Congratulations WCA and Coaches Gatlin, Thompson and Bourne!

  2. Congrats to Wesleyan. The most talented team won the tournament. GDS needed to have a good shooting night and they couldn’t find the range. Just a poor shooting night. The Giles kid really stepped up and put Wesleyan on his back. If you would have told me before the game that GDS holds Pinson to 2-14 shooting I would have said they would win the game. At the end of the day they didn’t make shots and the size of Wesleyan won out. Great basketball season. Three great teams from the same conference. I still say the staff at GDS is best in the area. No way any other staff gets those kids to play as well as they did for the whole season. Also says a lot about the heart of the players for GDS. They are some great competitors.

  3. Was at the game but just watched it again on Carolina on Demand (Time Warner Cable) and what stood out the most (besides the great talent on both teams) was how many bad calls or lack of calls in the game. Both teams play at such a high level and speed that it is a shame that the refs are not at the same level. They cannot keep up. NCISAA needs to consider hiring college refs for these games. One other thing that really stood out was the speed of Jaquel Richmond. I saw almost every game Wesleyan played but watching it on TV you were able to really see how much faster he is with the ball than everyone else. Congratulations to both teams on great seasons.

  4. I really enjoyed watching WES, HPC and GDS play this year great games with great players. WES improve its team by far than any other teams in the league. They all were great teams but WES steals the show. With Richmond, Pinson, Chapman, Carelock, Gilmore, Giles, Buckland, Harrison, Blake, Spencer, Drew,Logan, and Hunter and all played major roles in this great run for the Trojans. Coaches did great job with these kids and certain ought to be proud. I watch the championship game on timewarner and notice alot of no calls the forward Gilmore and Pinson were foul several time without calls being made. I know refs are part of game but they were bad. But it was a good for these teams and all these coaches did great jobs.

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