37-point night by Terrell Leach allows SWG to stay UNBEATEN(27-0) and Cowboys move on to Round Two of NCHSAA Playoffs/KJ Langley with 17 pts.

The NCHSAA 4A State playoffs opened up tonight with the Whirlies of Grimsley High School taking a drive over to face off against the Cowboys of Southwest. The Cowboys ran through the regular season and their Conference tournament unblemished at 26-0 which earned them the regions #1 seed. Can the Cowboys remain perfect and survive in playoffs? As we all know, once it’s win or go home, records are meaningless and teams have to earn it. The Whirlies came out wanting it and showed no fear facing off against the undefeated hosts. Scoring the night’s first 6 points helped the visitors game confidence as they held momentum for the opening minutes of the quarter going up 15-6. After a timeout, the Cowboys regrouped and in a blur scored 10 straight to take a 16-15 lead with 1:01 left in the first quarter. Back to back three pointers thanks to poor defense allowed the Whirlies to take a 21-16 lead once the opening frame ended. In the second quarter the Cowboys started to wake up and took slight control of the contest by forcing several turnovers in a row in quick spurts and started to build a lead. The lead was 8 for the Cowboys before a deep three pointer just before the halftime buzzer made the tally 43-38. The second half opened with the Whirlies grabbing momentum early and taking back the lead at 46-45. The teams traded baskets for the next 3 and a half minutes with neither team able to get any traction. The Cowboys scored the frame’s final 5 points to take a 60-56 lead headed into the final and decisive frame. The Cowboys used that momentum and used an 8-2 stanza opening run to push the lead to 68-58 thanks to a pair of back breaking Ben Ferguson three-balls. From there the Cowboys took a chokehold on the game and were able to stifle the Whirlies and force more turnovers into easy baskets and free-throws. In the end the Cowboys were too deep and were victorious at 88-70. The Whirlies were paced by Rashawn Mayfield’s 29 points. The Cowboys were led by 3Terrell Leach (37, 14 Reb, 6 Ast, 6 Stl, 2 Blks), and KJ Langley (17, 2 Ast, 2 Reb, 2 Stl). Southwest moves on to host Reagan on Wednesday night at 7pm, who was victorious at NW.

1st  2nd   3rd  4th  Final
Grimsley     21   17    18   14   70   
Southwest    21   27    17   28   88

Grimsley (7-18)
Luke Mulvey 2
Sadeek Watt 7
Diquan Purvis 7
Lucas Bouknight 19
Devin Banks 2
Rayshaun Mayfield 29
Robert Dupont 1
Diwan Purvis 3

Southwest (27-0)
Terrell Leach 37
KJ Langley 17
Ben Ferguson 7, 3 Reb, 1 Stl
Tyliek Brister 6, 2 Stl
Michael Bryant 6, 3 Reb, 2 Ast, 2 Stl
Arjun Patel 1
Andrew Bullock 4, 3 Reb, 2 Stl, 1 Blk
Antonio Banks 4
Dequan Bethea 6

Courtesy of Coach Vlaz at SWG


  1. @ Greensboro Sports and SW Guilford fans

    Would love to see what this Terrell Leach kid could do against the power house NCISAA schools, with the likes of GDS, WES and HPC..He puts up big numbers against sub .500 public school teams…Yippy!!! Would love to see his “Cowboys” play some real talent…

  2. @ Basketball Fan, you could not put up half the numbers versus a girls rec team. Why be negative? You are the kind of person that would find something negative about any good. This team had no control over the schedule, they play hard each night. These are great kids are/have accomplished something wonderful. What have you done? What was your High School basketball years like? Crickets…

  3. @ Basketball Fan, No SW isn’t a private school, but they did play one of your NCISAA schools in the Christmas Tourney and T-REX went for 28 and 7 against WCD. But I’m sure you will find a way to try to say something negative about that too. It’s HIGH SCHOOL basketball!!! You try to knock a kid for going to a public school, who does that??? Your name probably sums up your entire athletic career: A FAN!!!

  4. NCISAA schools should be playing UNCG etc. HP had 19 year old men playing, GDS had a team of 19 year olds. The whole league is a fraud. It’s glorified AAU basketball. Just leave it alone before the whole league is exposed as fraudlent.

  5. Public school basketball is very exciting and have some outstanding players. We are not sure that private school players could do what Terrell is doing. At least he is doing it at the correct grade.

  6. Terrell (T-rex) would do just as well against any private school. His ridiculous numbers that he puts up on a regular basis does the talking. He is going to compete at any level, and to be honest I think he would give Wesleyan,gds, and hpca more than they could handle. Just because he doesn’t go to a private school it doesn’t make him any less of a player….

  7. oh and if your counter argument is that it is not all about scoring and it’s about winning… He has lead the team to 27-0… some nights doing it with his ability to pass when teams put all their focus on him… some (most) nights rebounding… not to mention when we played western he completely took over with 54 points… and he doesn’t do it by himself… KJ Langley is an outstanding point gaurd, Andrew Bullock is one of the scrappiest defenders in the state (very much like Aaron Craft of Ohio State), Atonio Banks and Deuce Bryant who are much improved big men who can get down on the block and bang around with anybody.

  8. Terrell Leach is better than any guard on HPCA hands down. Thats not even close. He is a better shooter than the guards on WCA and he is more athletic than the GDS guards….. The public school playoff system is much better than private. You win two games and you are the State Champs in private school basketball.. That isn’t much of a test.

  9. If Terrell wanted to be at a private school he would. I feel certain he was recruited by all those private schools in the area and he turned it down, because he wants to play REAL basketball and not be in a snobby environment

  10. I have seen T Leach play. I have seen SW play. I have seen all the privates on numerous occasions. Leach can’t help that public school competition fails in comparison to private. So you can’t knock him for playing where he should. He would not put up those big numbers in GDS system. And he couldn’t put up those numbers playing against the size that these private schools have. Diante Baldwin being a pass first point guard was putting up 20+ in public school. Numbers dropped going to private. Same with 2 guard Reggie Dillard. Leach is a great athlete. Good shooter. D1 level athlete. Wouldn’t put up 30 if he were on one of those schools I don’t think. But who cares? Should he score less that way y’all would stop bashing him?

  11. The question is not could TREX do this at a private school? The questions becomes can any of the private school players do what he is doing if they were in public school?

  12. Come on when is the kid gonna do enough….he has scored 782 points in one season (that’s not complete as of yet), so I don’t give a CRAP who you are or who you play against….that is SPECIAL!

  13. The fact that he didn’t make the McDonalds all american game or the east west allstars just shows all the politics involved, because he is much better than some of the players that were selected

  14. I have attended games private and public and can say other than Harry Giles (who plays a completely different position) terrell is the best player in the area.

  15. I promise that if you put these players in Terrell leaches position to shoot that many shots in that system. With the freedom he gets(and deserves) these players could do it or get CLOSE to leaches production.

    Jaquel Richmond
    Diante Baldwin
    Theo Pinson
    Reggie Dillard
    Harry Giles
    Jackson Kent
    Christian Hairston

  16. There are 2 possible pro prospects on that list. And all are division 1 players. So leach Is of that caliber in my arguement

  17. ALL:

    What a debate…My “original” statement was not a slap in the face at all against this kid personally…His stats against his 3A public school schedule is great..He gets to shoot the ball a ton in his offense and take advtanage of lax defense..My point was, what would he do, in the NCISAA leagues? Would he be as effective? Dominant? Everyone is so focused on his “stats” and the SW Guilford “record”..So, they beat the likes of Ragsdale, Grimsley, NW Guilford, E. Forsyth, WCD, etc….Do you realize, what we saw from HPC, WES and GDS this year folks??? Those three teams alone were three of the best High School teams in the nation, not state, nation….Oh and by the way, Wesleyan will be bringing back all of their kids next year, except maybe a few, and they are not 19 years old…And they should be ranked in the top 5 in the country…Terrell Leach deserves the chance to player D1 basketball, and the rest of you need to realize that these private schools are also great foundations for academics and athletics…Would have been nice to see Terrell go up against the best..ie, Diante Baldwin, or JaQuel Richmond, or Christian Hairston…Maybe in College….

    That is what I meant….

    And I played in College..Upstate NY!

  18. Whatever Fan…we know your comment was a slap in the face b/c your second post is a slap. SW is 4-A. Terrell is very efficient. Kid shoots over 50%. He is not a volume shooter like some on the list above. If you are a true fan, then you would have seen him play over the summer with Phil Tockman’s travel team. BTW, stop it…you never played college ball (lol).

  19. @ Ha

    ?? Do you honestly, sit there and believe, that Terrell Leach, could go up against, either one of the big three(GDS, WES or HPC)and put up 30? COME ON MAN!!! I don’t care what “travel team” he played on…I don’t care what % he shoot’s…My point this morning, was, can he play against the area’s best? Can SW Guilford, with the players it has currently, Leach & Langley, beat the likes of WES, GDS or HPC?????? Wait, let me answer that for you…NO…

  20. Nobody is talking about it but I see a sw guilford vs dudley boys on the horizon for this friday at sw guilford. It should be a good one if it happens, from what I have seen the level of competition that sw has played is nowhere near what dudley has played.

  21. Fan, you are foolish! Why would a team that can’t recruit play against schools who can go and get all-stars. Why would SW play private schools like that. If that was your point, then you should have stated that in your first post. And yes…Terrell can get it on any of the three. Place that kid on one of those teams and it will get real interesting. I’m out with this foolishness. Great year for WES, GDS and BIG UPS to SW! Fan, go check out the dance competition and evaluate that talent (lol).

  22. That would make for great one over at SWG on Friday night and we have been trying not to look ahead too much, but have been thinking about a game like that for a good while, but there are too very tough opponents in Ardrey Kell and WS Reagan stading in way….Hope both SWG and Dudley will take care of business on Wednesday night….

    Wonder how it would look if we could a Public vs. Private School All-Star Game at the end of the season Sanctioned?

    The private schools will have the advantage with the age difference and the publics don’t have what you would call an abundance of big men….

    But here are two theoretical lineups and on the Public Side you have:

    Terrell Leach, Sam Hunt, Mohammed Tijani, TJ Logan, Jaqwan McCauley, JT Wiliams, Jeremy Harris, KJ Langley, Khalil Vance, Anthony Eaves, Ty Graves, Cody Hylton….

    Private School side you have:

    Theo Pinson, JaQuel Richmond, Reggie Dillard, Christian Hairston, Mike Kobani, Diante Baldwin, Trey Chapman, Jackson Kent, JT Terry, Reed Lucas, Harry Giles and Montrell Goldston….

    On the Tale of the Tape, the age and experience goes to the Private guys and they have more hops too, so the Public School guys would have to make this a shooting game and be able to run with the Private School guys…

    If we put Leach, Hunt, Tijani and Logan out there, I think they can run with anybody and you would need someone like McCauley, Williams or Vance for some inside help or protection….

    Those four, and maybe add in Langley, can run the floor with the others, but they have to hit and get the points too….Think about the run up-and-down by Leach, Logan, Hunt, Tijani and then you let Langley, Graves or Eaves run with them…Those kids could run it, but it would be tough playing ‘D’ on the older and more athletic/physical players….

    Does make for a very interesting Hypothetical situation though, and we may not even have all of the best players out here, this is just a starting point and we would still have to get this accredited or in better terms get this Sanctioned….

    Could we get something like this Sanctioned and would it draw a crowd???

  23. If you have seen Terrell Leach play then you know he will get 30 against the private schools and someone would get dunked on. Leach scores every way you can score. 3’s, putbacks, fast breaks, drives, ft’s.. I’m not saying SW would beat them because SW doesnt have the height but it will be very entertaining. And who from these private schools can guard him? Maybe Reggie Dillard.. no one else can play defense at a high level long enough to stay with Terrell.

  24. If there was an all star game between private and public schools. Private schools would destroy the public. From a size standpoint the privates would be to big. It would be interesting though. You guys should get on that. If predict private wins by 20 though.

  25. Leach would get his 30 Sam would get his usual 20-25 and 15 or 20 each for Tijani and Logan.

    Langley should be good for at least 10 points and 10 assists on the breaks with Leach, Sam, Logan and Mohammed running the floor.

    Public schools can hang with the top five and will run with them.

  26. Forget all this allstar game crap. Would be fun to see SW and Wesleyan straight up. oh and @ andy, public school being able to run with private? HAHA is that a joke? The way Trex and KJ run the floor…c’mon seriously

  27. I understand the size difference btw SW and Wes however the up tempo style SW plays with I definately think we could hang around and with terrell you are always gonna have a chance to win

  28. Wesleyan can recruit… yeah they might win… however the fact that a team is home grown and could have a chance speaks volumes. Also can tell you more heart in SW kids than any school I have seen all year… private or public

  29. I think the height differential with Giles inside would hurt SWG vs. WES…It hurt GDS on Saturday night….

    I think with the All-Star lineup my guys would be able to overcompensate for our lack of height and with all these kids that I have been scouting this season, we would have a good chance to win….My secret weapon would be Qwan McCauley from Southern Guilford….I found/discovered him about two weeks and he was nearly an unknown until I found him down at SG…

    Similar story with Terrell Leach….It was all quiet on Leach front till I got him on the front pages here back in November and in early December…..Great kid and he would have got the due even without our help here, but we got the ball rolling….The game with SWG at NWG, when the Cowboys won it 90-70 was his breakout game with the baseline dunks…..He is very talented….

    Would love to see the All-Star format cause you have team vs. team in the playoffs and the All-Star format gives more players and more schools a chance to get recognized…..

    Bring on the Guilford County All-Star Game with the public school All-Stars versus the private school All-Stars……

  30. Terrell Leach is one of the best high school basketball players in the area and anybody who question that knows nothing about the game of basketball. (37, 14 Reb, 6 Ast, 6 Stl, 2 Blks)speaks for itself. Not only does he fill the stat sheet every nigh but he does the things that don’t show up on paper. He plays in you face D and from the few games ive seen he makes the players around him better. Anybody with two eyes can see that SW is an undersized team but obviously nobody has found the answer to stop the. This team plays at a fast pace from start to finish and is one of the states highest scoring teams. The talk of them playing private school teams is pretty much pointless bc at this point its not going to happen unless they meet up on a Saturday afternoon and play in some random gym. There are 100 people who are going to say that Leach couldn’t put up those numbers if he played private school ball, but if you clowns knew anything you would know that he wouldn’t have to put up those kind of numbers. He would probably have a better big men, and one or two more raw scores on the team so he wouldn’t have to rebound and shoot the ball as much. Everyone knows that private school kids are aloud to recruit which obviously gives them the upper hand. But if you think they could walk into SW gym and walk all over a team that’s 27-0 you need to rethink a few things. Yea the talent may not be as good in public school as a whole but for a team to stay perfect for 27 games says a lot about the players and the coaches on that team. Anybody who watches the game of basketball knows the 6th man is a pretty big factor and maybe the match ups don’t look the best on paper but anybody who walks into that SW Guilford gym knows when that games starts and that student section starts going wild the boys who wear those cowboys jerseys take their game to the next level.

  31. Give Leach full credit for being a really good basketball player. It doesn’t matter which school or association he plays for, because he is good!! It’s not like he made All-conference, etc. because his daddy pushed him, or he is on some ego trip to prove something. He has a good attitude, he can score, rebound, and play defense. Good job, Leach!!!!

  32. SW vs GDS Nov. 2011

    As a junior, playing in his last game of the season: (With a broken bone in his knee) in three quarters was 7-10 from the field with 21 points vs GDS.

    He can score, NO, better then that, he can play against anyone.

  33. I would take Leach over Baldwin any day of the week. Leach v Richmond is a push, shooting edge to leach.

  34. Diante Baldwin is a pure point guard. Leach is a 5″10 2 guard. You think leach could run point guard at the college level? I wouldn’t have him running point over Baldwin. Maybe if this was a scoring competition id take Leach. Remember that Baldwin has division 1 offers to be a pg.

  35. @Stats

    Get your “stats” right..Stats..

    Terrell was 7 of 12 that night and GDS was up 49-28 at the half…So, GDS had many “no-starters” in the game, as Freddy loves to substitute as we all know, and Terrell got all his points from Garbage time..The game was way out of reach, GDS won 91-77..And oh by the way, Jalen Ross, ate him alive..I was their..Jalen is the starting point guard for Eastern Michigan as a “true” Freshman…Get your “stats” right before you mouth off some garbage, or change your name to “incorrect”..

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