Older kids ‘Kite Flying Contest’ still on today for Robert Stutts backyard

As far as we know and can tell, the older kids ‘Kite Flying Contest’ is still on today for 6pm in the big field, out behind Robert Stutts’ backyard….

Most all of the competitors know Mr. Stutts, so give him a call, or drop him an E-mail to declare your intentions for this year’s contest/event….

2012 top finishers Benny Franklin, Willy Wright and Orville Wright VII are expected to be back again this season…..

Always a big hit, especially when you hit the ground head first after one on those patented Westridge Road nose-dives, so approach it like Rod Davis told you back when this event first got off the ground back in ’98(1998)…..

“Don’t Miss It”……And please don’t miss the landing strip, if you plan to try and duplicate one those Orville and Wilbur moves that they created back in 1800’s, first in Ohio and then down at Kitty Hawk…..The ‘Robert Stutts Bicyle Shop’ will be open for tours, after the closing ceremonies…..